Day: March 19, 2019

  • Skype conference calls could be about to get a whole lot busier. Microsoft is planning to bump up the maximum number of group call participants from 25 to 50 (18 more than can fit into a Group FaceTime call). The audio and video buttons will be enabled for larger groups, so people can more easily mute their microphones or turn on/off their webcam. So you don’t bother people who can’t join a call too much, Skype also plans to make ringing optional. It will instead send a notification to group call participants, though you can still ask Skype to ring people if they don’t respond. These features are available as of today for beta testers, and they’ll likely roll out more broadly later. Via Engadget
  • Inbox by Gmail will bid its users farewell on the same day Google+ is shutting down. Google+ isn’t the only Mountain View property that’s getting the axe on April 2nd. Apparently, the Inbox app is also bidding its users farewell on the same day. The tech giant first revealed that it’s going to discontinue its smarter take on email late last year, but it didn’t say when specifically. Now, Google has started notifying users that Inbox will be going away in 15 days (from March 18th) through a screen that pops up when they fire up the app. via Engadget
  • March 19, 2019

    Best Writing Services Tools In 2018-2019

    Do you want to build your career as a writer? Or maybe you just want to brush up with better tools for your writing services? Either way, technological advancements have made it easy for anyone to become the perfect writer. Many tools are available for writers but this list is made up of the most recent and the best tools available for professionals who offer writing services. 5 Best Writing Services Tools Bring Your Ideas To Reality With ​​Scrivener ​​Scrivener is an ideal tool for writers as it helps you during every stage of the writing process from when you’re just gathering ideas to when you start putting those ideas together. All the regular desk tools you have can be accessed in this single application. It is a word-processing software and outliner that allows you to manage drafts, notes, documents and different forms of metadata. It allows you to access your notes easily throughout the writing process. This app is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. Try The LibreOffice Suite This is another amazing app for content writing. It is an open source office suite that was created by The Document Foundation. Its word processing feature allows you to create documents in different formats. Apart from this, it also allows you to create diagrams, slideshows, mathematical problems, and spreadsheets. Whether you want to write an article or you want to write a 30-page ebook, this office suite will be just fine. It is a fork of What’s more, it is not limited to English writing, you can use it with any of its 115 languages. Publish An Ebook With Draft2Digital Draft2Digital is one of the best writing tools for ebook writing. However, this tool is for writers who intend to publish their work rather than sell the rights....