Day: February 8, 2019

  • Cast SiriusXM from your phone to any TV with Chromecast You can now enjoy SiriusXM on devices with Chromecast. Listen to your favorite channels, watch Howard Stern video including amazing interviews and performances Cast over 200 channels, plus thousands of hours of On Demand content, right to any Chromecast device or devices with Chromecast built-in. Plus, watch hours and hours of Howard Stern videos including interviews and performances any time you want. Via SiriusXM This is a way overdue feature Pandora was the right partner for SiriusXM hands down.
  • There’s a reason why living in cities is highly preferred by a lot of people. Better opportunities, higher chance of employment, a comfortable lifestyle, and many more. With the recent advancement in technologies, cities become more efficient as they have the task of keeping up with the increase in population. That’s also why smart cities will come soon because of the norm in major metropolitan areas. Here’s how smart cities and IoT will change our communities. For starters, the smart city is a city that utilizes technology, specifically IoT devices, such as intelligent construction cones, connected sensors, and lights to gather and analyze primary data. These data are used to improve public utilities, infrastructure, and many more. Better Architecture and Infrastructure  Project managers and construction experts all over the world are always in search of ways on how to utilize IoT devices and solutions into infrastructures with hopes that it would improve the overall quality of the building while reducing costs at the same time. According to surveys, almost 60% of building managers in the US are familiar with IoT, and the rest of them believe that IoT is capable of shaping how they operate their buildings in the following years. One of the few areas with massive potential for improvement is lighting. With IoT technology, building managers could make a switch to using LED bulbs as a way of saving energy and money. There are also elevators embedded with IoT that promotes greater efficiency. Though, the most remarkable implementation of smart architecture would be the smart grids that help in resource conservation. Another country that has been experimenting with what IoT has to offer would be Amsterdam. Basically, it has been working on ways on how energy storage units can be used, together with solar panels for a household...