Day: October 30, 2018

  • The Skype for Business 2019 server includes several new hybrid cloud features and simplifies the migration path from the on-premises product to cloud-based Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has released the 2019 server for Skype for Business, reaffirming its commitment to the on-premises product for several more years even as it pushes customers to the cloud-based Office 365 suite. Skype for Business 2019, made available this week, will extend support for on-premises customers through at least 2023. It also improves the platform’s security by adding support for the 1.2 version of the Transport Layer Security protocol for protecting digital communications. But the 2019 server does not include any substantive on-premises feature upgrades. Instead, Microsoft has focused on making it easier for businesses to begin using certain cloud features, even while keeping calls, messages and user accounts on premises. Tech Target On premise, services are still a big revenue for Microsoft even though they do not talk about it.
  • October 30, 2018

    5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Gadgets

    Technology has become a huge part of everyone’s daily life, most of all with the gadgets we carry on us a lot of the time. Personalizing these items can be fun and an expression of one’s personality. Since electronics only have small variances in the options you have available, it can be nice to make it your own. New accessories are constantly keeping up to date with the evolving technology. These 5 easy ways can help you to express your individuality by providing a way to personalize your gadgets. Phone Cases Cases are a way to keep your phone protected and decorated at the same time. It’s a given that the fancy new smart phones that come out every year become more and more delicate. iPhones, having a glass screen, need to have a case to reduce the chance of cracking. But no one wants a bulky boring case. Luckily, there are designs and colors galore to choose from. Whether you have a favorite color or certain style, you are sure to find a case to suit you. Swapping cases for every occasion can be easy. Want to accessorize your Halloween costume? There are even iPhone cases for Halloween! Creative cases come in all sizes and can even help give you inspiration for a costume. Pop Sockets Pop sockets are a new trend for the smart phone industry. They are small circles that pop in and out and stick on the back of your phone. This accessory provides an extra piece to grip onto when you are holding your phone with one hand. It aids in selfie taking and texting. Some people even use it as a stand to prop their phone against while watching shows or videos on their mobile device. These are a completely customizable piece to add...
  • When we look around the internet today, some of the companies that we recognize most are among the largest in the world. If you do much shopping online, there is a good chance that you buy from Amazon. If you do any kind of online selling, there is a good chance that you take to the marketplace of eBay to make such selling possible. That in itself is quite revealing, in truth. We now know that the internet has a clear and established hierarchy; sites we go to first before anyone else. If you want to tell the world about your day, you go to Facebook. If you want to find out some information, you go to Wikipedia. If you want to ask the internet a question, you tend to ask Google. Need to buy something? Check out Amazon. It’s just part of the modern world, and it’s very interesting in a lot of ways. You will soon find that big internet companies are holding a huge amount of way and power, without you even realizing it. In true big company fashion, too, they often own other companies that you might not had really thought about who owned them! With this in mind then, let’s take a look at some of the real-time stats that can be found about major internet companies. This lets you see at first-hand close-up detail just how much these companies dominate, and how quickly they have become major entities in the day-to-day living we all day. Keep in mind that some of these companies are little more than a decade old: some of them even less. With that in mind, then, it’s easy to see why these companies are such massive parts in the way the world works. PayPal As one of the single largest...