Day: October 19, 2018

  • Microsoft is working on a new system to check and release Windows Driver and Firmware updates. The company shed light on the new Component Firmware Update (CFU) in a blog post earlier this week. For those who don’t know, Component Firmware Update (CFU) protocol is an open source project housed at the GitHub repository, providing driver and firmware code samples for testing. The protocol follows a model where it will accept the drivers which are appropriate for it. Microsoft designed this system to ensure that these firmware and driver updates will cause little or no user disruption. Microsoft also laid down some points which are defined as the goals of CFU in the long run MSPowerUser Next, they need a better way to test updates.
  • Today, Microsoft released new cumulative updates for older yet supported versions of Windows 10 for PCs. Today’s builds are for versions 1709, 1703, and 1607, meaning that there’s nothing new for the current version, 1803, and no news on version 1809, which was pulled from Windows Update due to files getting deleted after installing the upgrade. Microsoft seems to be doing something new with cumulative updates, and this is the second month in a row that the firm has done it this way. the second Tuesday of the month is still Patch Tuesday when every supported version gets an update, but the changelogs are pretty minor. Then, the longer lists of fixes show up in new updates later in the month. If you’re still on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, or version 1709, you’ll get KB4462932, which brings the build number to 16299.755. Neowin I am afraid to push out any updates until I get some feedback first Microsoft really made a mess of this.  
  • If you listened to music on a computer in the early-Noughties, chances are Winamp had pride of place on your desktop. Now, the much-loved MP3 player has been given a major update for PC, as well as looking forward to entering the streaming age with a new app for Android and iOS mobile devices in 2019. Here’s the best way to download Winamp 5.8 today. As was widely reported, a beta version of Winamp 5.8 recently leaked online. In response, Winamp-owner Radionomy has now made an official version of the update available to download. The company recommends you only download Winamp from its website, so you can be sure it’s “safe for you to use” and we absolutely agree – this is the only way you should now be looking to download the new Winamp. Trusted Reviews I am so thrilled to see this software back we reviewed it a few years ago I loved it. Winamp Review
  • It will soon be possible to discard more of the in-box apps that ship with Windows 10. Currently, a handful of pre-installed apps can be removed, including OneNote, Skype, and Weather, but most of the other built-in apps are permanent fixtures. Windows 10 has also promoted a number of third-party applications such as Candy Crush Saga to the chagrin of many. These don’t appear to be going away, but such apps have always been uninstallable if you don’t want them. However, the latest preview build of Windows 10, build 18262, enables the removal of apps such as Mail, Calendar, Movies & TV, and the Groove Music app. The ability to remove these apps doesn’t really mean much in terms of disk space or convenience, as none of them are very big. The move may be of more interest to corporate deployments; an organization that has standardized on Outlook, for example, might want to remove the Mail and Calendar apps to reduce user confusion. ArsTechnica This is an interesting move remember it was a big deal when Apple did this with native iPhone apps.
  • October 19, 2018

    Chromecast Vs Android TV

    The Chromecast and the Android TV are the two TV platforms that Google is offering in their fight to be a player in the TV market. While both are great platforms they are different in certain little ways. Android TV, for example, uses a remote has an app store to pick from and can work with third-party apps giving you that open platform feeling that we have all gotten a costume to with the Android operating system and marketplace. The Chromecast is a little more closed architecture as you can only Chromecast from apps that offer Chromecasting. While this allows for significantly more usable apps it can limit you if the app does not support Chromecasting in that case just go ahead and cast your entire screen. The issue with the Chromecast is you are limited to whatever apps are offered and cannot use third-party plugins for playing services. But the plus with Android TV is it supports chromecasting. So, if you have an Android TV you get both the Android TV interface and the functionality of Chromecast in the event there is not an app on the Android TV app store for viewing putting Android TV ahead of products like Roku or Apple TV that limit you to whatever apps are in the app store. The Chromecast and the Android remote app are both supported by Android and iOS so there will be no compatibility issues between operating systems. Cost is about the same the Chromecast is about $20 dollars cheaper than the Android TV box but the cost difference is not significate. To me, the Chromecast feels like a more polished product and gets announced and pushed much more at the Google developer conferences and hardware events. Android TV seems to be the product that gets a lot of...