Day: October 11, 2018

  • Hi All, Sticky Notes is now available in OneNote Android on Phones for our Beta users. Sticky Notes can sync seamlessly across Windows, and iOS. (This is a preview release. Will start rolling out soon on Windows and iOS). Please close and relaunch the app if you are a beta user and don’t see sticky notes yet on your phones. Thanks! Microsoft Lets pick a social media platform that no one uses that being shutdown and lets make an announcement that maybe only a few people will see. This is great announcement lets put it on Microsofts website.
  • It’s been three years since Google last refreshed the Chromecast, and today the tried-and-true streaming dongle is finally getting an update. The new, third-generation Chromecast has an updated design, trading in the glossy colors and Chrome logo for a matte black finish and Google’s trademark G. But more importantly, it’s also getting some small tech and feature improvements. Google says the new Chromecast is 15 percent faster, which isn’t much, but is apparently enough to add support for streaming 60fps video at 1080p, instead of 720p like last generation. This Chromecast is also getting the ability to act like a Chromecast Audio and let you play music in sync with other speakers connected to Google’s smart devices; that feature won’t launch until later this year, however. The Verge We have a chromecast in every room and while I love the device and its reliability and speed there is not enough features for me anyway to upgrade from the ones I bought 3 years ago.
  • October 11, 2018

    High-Tech Gadgets for Your Bedroom

    Nowadays, high-tech gadgets can be found and used not only in the living room and kitchen but also in the bedroom. There are smart gadgets for your bedroom that can help you sleep well at night and wake you up in the morning. Some of them can also make your other activities more manageable and convenient. We have listed below the best high-tech devices in 2018 that you could use in your bedroom. The Smell the Coffee Alarm Clock This alarm clock by Hammacher Schlemmer wakes you up with the sweet aroma of coffee, which is perfect for coffee lovers. If you want other fragrances, you may choose from its other scents, such as orange juice, pine woods, peppermint, freshly cut grass, apple-cinnamon, and seaside. Each smell emits a three-minute fragrance, which is then followed by an audio alarm of any of the five songs it contains. Kingtoys LED Blue Star Light Romantic Projector If you like to experience a starry and romantic night, you may use indoor star projectors such as the Kingtoys LED Blue Star Light Romantic Projector. You could watch galaxies of stars while lying in bed until you doze off. Ikea Nordli Bedside Table What is unique with the Ikea Nordli Bedside Table is that you can charge your cell phone by just placing it on the table overnight. Yes, you can charge wirelessly. It works for phones with a compatible built-in Qi wireless charging tech. BedJet Climate Control for Bed Probably, you want a warm bed, but your partner likes a cold one. There’s no use in fighting when the BedJet can resolve this by providing a gentle stream of cold and warm air in your bed. It features a dual-zone temperature control for cooling and warming each half side of your bed. Zoned Dough...