Day: October 4, 2018

  • October 4, 2018

    Apple Kills The iPhone X and iPhone SE

  • Never mind running mobile apps on a PC — Microsoft wants you to see your phone’s particular apps on a PC. At the company’s Surface event, mobile general manager Shilpa Ranganathan previewed a Windows 10 feature that would mirror your phone’s entire screen on the desktop. You could see and reply to a Snapchat conversation without having to reach for the device on your desk. It’s not certain when this will be available (it’s not part of Windows 10’s October Update), but it’s likely to be Android-only. It’s certainly a practical addition if you’re tired of switching devices just to keep up with every social network you use. Engadget There are programs that do this already but its nice that Microsoft will offer native support.
  • Microsoft now makes headphones. Yep. The company just unveiled the Surface Headphones, a premium headphone that will be available later this year. The device comes with 4 beam-forming microphones that let you interact with Cortana, which is built into the headphones. The device offers adjustable noise cancellation, and you can easily control that using the dial on the headphones. What’s more, the device comes with automatic play/pause which means it will automatically pause/play the music as you take it off or put it on. Thurrott I like how they are noise canceling.
  • Microsoft announced at its Surface event this week that it’s allowing potential new Surface owners to get their products without having to plunk down a small fortune upfront. Namely, it’s offering a new payment plan, called “Surface All Access,” which packages Surface devices with Office 365 and lets users pay them both off over a period of 24 months. Surface devices can be a bit on the pricey side. A Surface Book 2, for example, will set you back a good $2,900. Even the likes of the new Surface Pro 6 can set you back a good $899. Not everyone has that kind of money, needless to say. The Next Web I would like to point out that the $25 a month model is the base model and that Surface All Access is something you need to apply to at Microsoft Stores.