Day: September 28, 2018

  • This summer, Microsoft pushed off the inevitable end of Skype Classic (7.0) support after a fair bit of user backlash. Nearly a month after the original September deadline, the company announced today that it’s going to pull the plug in November — for real this time. The company is killing Skype 7 support on the desktop on November 1, following suit for mobile and tablets two weeks later on the 15th. The initial delay was motivated by vocal users unhappy by the changes brought on by Skype 8 in the name of simplification. One user went so far as to launch a petition asking Microsoft to “Keep the desktop version of Skype alive for professional users.” The petition has since racked up in excess of 1,000 signatures, demanding the company keep enterprise features lost in the shuffle. Techcrunch A year of Skype development waisted.
  • A family of Green Bay Packers fans sitting on a website domain name — which they offered to give up in exchange for cash, lifetime season tickets, and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets — have come out on the losing end of a dispute with the NFL franchise and the tech giant. The domain was of particular interest to the Packers and Microsoft last fall after they entered into a unique partnership to bring a technological and economic boost to an area near Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisc. The Packers publicly announced plans for TitletownTech, an accelerator and lab space for companies and entrepreneurs, on Oct. 19, 2017. Partnering with Microsoft, the innovation center is part of Titletown, a 45-acre plot of mixed-use entertainment including a park, shops, restaurants, hotel and more just west of the stadium in Ashwaubenon, Wisc. The idea calls for TitletownTech to include three initiatives: TitletownTech Accelerator, TitletownTech Venture Capital Fund, and TitletownTech Labs to “help the region’s emerging and existing businesses define and build new digital products, transform their operations through technology, and provide capital to launch new ventures.” Microsoft and the Packers each committed $5 million to TitletownTech over the next five years and have pledged to donate all profits and capital returns from the VC fund to philanthropy and economic development. Last week, Microsoft President Brad Smith joined Packers executives as they provided an update from the under-construction TitletownTech near Lambeau. Geekwire I need a domain name that someone wants.
  • Microsoft Surface laptops are now eligible for “recommended” status in Consumer Reports’ ratings. Last year we removed that designation because of poor predicted reliability in comparison with laptops from other brands. Reliability evaluations are based on surveys of our members. We now have results from our latest survey. “Microsoft’s reliability is now on par with most other laptop brands,” allowing its products to be recommended, says Martin Lachter, senior research associate at Consumer Reports. This is the first year that brand reliability is being factored into the Overall Scores for many products rated by Consumer Reports. Owner satisfaction, which is based on the same survey of our members, is also being incorporated into the Overall Score. Consumer Reports
  • September 28, 2018

    WhatsApp Says #DeleteFacebook

    Today on the show we talk about Google on capital hill. Facebook’s motto of “Move Fast And Break Things” comes back to bite them. Google leaks the Google Pixel 3 could it be a marketing campaign? WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton says #DeleteFacebook and why he left $850 million behind. We talk about Apple and much more… Today We Talk About… Google Is In DC Microsoft Explains Their Outage Apple Kill The iPhone SE Microsoft New looks a lot like Gmail Windows 10 Finally Hit 700,000,000 Million Installs Google Pixel 3 and Chromebook Pixel 3 Lenovo Smart Display Review Android MiBox Review YouTube Premium Kobra Kia Microsoft Surface Event What Could It Be WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton Says Delete Facebook This Episode Sponsored By