Day: September 27, 2018

  • Microsoft will be crediting customers affected by its September 4 cloud outage and will work to improve its cloud storage resiliency, according to its preliminary analysis of the incident. Microsoft has made available publicly a preliminary root cause analysis (RCA) for its September 4 cloud outage that impacted customers worldwide. The Azure engineering teams are continuing to investigate the incident and are saying they will provide a more detailed analysis “in the weeks ahead.” Impacted customers will receive a credit based on the Microsoft Azure Service Level Agreement in their October billing statements, Microsoft officials said in the post-mortem report. On September 4, as I blogged originally, a lighting strike hit near Microsoft’s South Central US datacenter region, knocking out a number of Azure services, as well as Office 365, which authenticates via Azure Active Directory, for many Microsoft customers worldwide. ZDNet Lighting Strike will do it every time.
  • Nowadays, we are rarely separated from our phones. This constant use of our mobilesled us to the creation ofapplications, which make our lives easier and everything much more accessible than ever. Because of this, marketers found their way into these devices in order to promote their products and services. They either do this by creating their own mobile app development teams or by engaging the services of a loovagentuur, a creative agency.If you are planning to advertise soon, here is why you should take advantage of mobile marketing in the digital age: Cheaper Alternatives If you are promoting, who does not want a cost-effective approach? We all want the cheapest methods that we could get. So, start using text messages or mobile apps that are not only fast when it comes to spreading information butare also affordable compared to printing flyers and mailing direct advertising letters. One can also create their own mobile app for his business. Here, a business owner will have full control. It may be costly in the beginning, but at the end of the day, you can already have an app that does all of the advertising and managing for you. Simple and Easy Calculations Everything is simplified when you go into mobile. Because it is not as complicated as websites or physical stores, you can keep track of your customers’ responses.You can do this just by the calculating the number of people claiming your promo codes or just by accessing the app. With this information to back you up, you can work faster and interpret your data as soon as possible, which gives you more time to plan further your marketing strategies. Faster Response Rate While print ads are still effectively used today, there is no denying that mobile marketing has taken the top spot...
  • September 27, 2018

    Designing Tools for Instagram Stories

    Instagram stories keep you on top of the newsfeed of your followers. You definitely want your Instagram stories to stand out from the hundreds of other Instagram stories that are shared every day. To make your Instagram stories attractive and eye-catching various tools and apps are available online. While you can certainly benefit from several tools, you can also try another simple way to increase the number of likes and gain popularity on Instagram. For instance, you can decide to buy likes from reputable sites like where they help you get as many likes, followers, and impressions as you want. In fact, you can get 50 Instagram likes for free when you decide to use this service and that really matters a lot, as it tells you that you’re dealing with a legitimate service provider. If you have the likes but want to grow your Instagram page more, be sure to use the right tools. Some beneficial and pocket-friendly designing apps are discussed here: Easil- The Template Guru Easil is a tool that houses various templates and is your ultimate go-to go place if you are clueless about the content of your Instagram stories. You need to make you each post unique and if you are getting out of ideas Easil is here for your assistance. You can search for templates for giveaway posts, sneak peak of big surprises, and polls. You will find templates for uploading recipes, product reviews, and much more. This tool is easy to use and you can edit and personalize these templates according to your own requirements. Easil is a browser-based tool and you can access it through your web browser only. Visit their official website to get started. Select the ‘Create New Design’ button and various templates will appear on your screen. Select...