Day: September 24, 2018

  • As most of you read the site you know I am not a huge fan of Chromebooks but in this case, I think this device could be a cheap low-cost solution for a large family who wants to get their child a computer to work on their school work. To start out with the Chromebook is cheaper than a cell phone and has pretty good hardware specs. 11.6″ display, Google Chrome OS, Intel HD Graphics, Built-in virus protection, and Google products Intel Celeron processor N3060, 4GB Memory, 16GB eMMC Storage Wifi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, Built-in Card Reader, Built-in Webcam, HDMI Weighs 2.54 lbs. 0.7″ thin, Headphone/microphone combo jack While I have preached 8 gigs of ram for running Windows 10 but on a Chromebook like this 4 gigs of ram will work fine. There is a lower end model with 2 gigs of ram which would work but I think 2 gig ram is a little low for the cost savings of 2 dollars. I would like to point out as well the Chromebook is not a no-name brand this is still Samsung hardware which has a very good reputation in the Chromebook marketplace. If you decide to buy the product through the provided Amazon link we do get a small commission it does help support the site and the work we are doing here and I THANK YOU not just for buying the product but for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and read the website.
  • September 24, 2018

    macOS Mojave release TODAY

    APPLE’S macOS Mojave will be released later today with this blockbuster upgrade including a new Dark Mode, improved finder and better security. Here’s how to get macOS Mojave and when to expect this update on your Mac. There’s a swathe of new additions and features in this new operating system including a stunning Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop and the ability to instantly clean up your desktop with Stacks. macOS Mojave also improves the Mac’s security and there’s now access to more Apple apps such as News, Stocks and Voice Memos. So, if you own an iMac or MacBook, here’s all you need to know about macOS Mojave. Apple confirmed earlier this month that macOS Mojave will be available from September 24. There’s no word when this update will actually go live but Apple usually begins rolling things out later in the day so expect some news around 6pm. Express I love a good desktop OS release.
  • The deal will create the world’s largest audio entertainment company, the companies said early Monday. SiriusXM (SIRI) has 36 million subscribers in North America. It was formed with the merger of the Sirius and XM satellite radio services in 2008. Sirius had paid Howard Stern hundreds of millions of dollars to lure him from traditional radio in 2006. SiriusXM has built a stable of stars with exclusive programming to go along with its lineup of music, news, talk and sports. Pandora (P), a groundbreaking streaming music service founded in 2000, has more than 70 million active users. It faces intense competition from Spotify (SPOT), from music services offered by Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN), and from Jay-Z’s Tidal, which is partly owned by Sprint (S). Pandora’s ability to stay an independent company was very much in doubt. SiriusXM had already invested $480 million to buy 19% of Pandora’s stock last year, and it was widely reported to be looking at a full purchase. CNN I thought this was going to happen.
  • Mobile applications are required to communicate with web/cloud services. The developers are required to optimize back-end APIs for superior mobile client experience. They can aid in creating the right impact through the app. Here are some mind-blowing tips that developers need to follow when developing mobile APIs. Pay Attention to API Version Right From Beginning Mobile API goes through several changes in the development and upgrades cycle. APIs come in different versions. By paying attention to the API version right from start, app developers can keep track of API changes that have been introduced in the new version. If you make changes to the API without knowing its version, it may result in a non-functional app. As a result, whenever a modification is introduced, the application will not yield desired performance. Take Advantage of Local Storage and Caching Slow mobile networks have a negative impact on the app’s performance. To prevent this from happening, app developers are required to store the CSS, HTML, and images in Local Storage. This trick works to reduce the size of HTML documents significantly. One additional tip that complements this is including all unchangeable data like main navigation categories within the application. By employing this development strategy, developers can do away with the need for pre-fetching data that takes a round trip of your mobile network. It removes the need for information including user data, paginated results, and queries. They are downloaded to mobile phones without additional requests being made. Pagination of Results is Strictly Recommended Pagination refers to a technique where a big result set is divided into smaller chunks. While designing pagination of results, application developers should pay attention to paginating all results that return similar items. One important thing to do while pagination of results is the pagination Meta information should be...
  • September 24, 2018

    Top-5 Marketing Mistakes in Social Media

    A fashionable trend in marketing is the promotion of products or services in social Internet communities. However, social media can be a beast to handle especially if you are not sure of what is expected of you. Marketers have to identify a working strategy, engage with their audience, regularly source for content, respond to comments, and tie in a sweet, soft sell somewhere in-between. Do you know that even the big brands that have a whole department that is dedicated to the management of social media are also struggling? Therefore, don’t feel bad if you are a small business owner that is struggling with social media. This article will look at some of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make on social media. You will discover that some of them are what is exactly hindering your success. The most important thing is to learn from your past mistakes and fix them within the shortest time possible. After all, we are prone to mistakes and learning is a continuous process. Strategy lack If your advertising is for everyone, then it’s for no one. You must have a clear plan on who your social media advertisement efforts are targeting. Make a clear plan for promoting your business. Some of the things that you can consider in your plan include; Who are your potential customers? Does your target audience often use social media? What is the communicating style with subscribers? How to link digital marketing with your other advertising campaigns? Once you have a plan, you will give your social media marketing efforts the right direction. Don’t try to carry out your campaigns without a clear plan because you will lose track along the way. Obtrusive marketing The primary social media goal is communication. You need to have a dialogue with your subscribers. Too...