Day: July 23, 2018

  • Apple isn’t the only fitness watch company making its way into the gym. Garmin now is extending its reach into the personal training and fitness realm by partnering with Gold’s Gym, one of the top fitness franchises in the world. The first fruit of this collaboration is a new Garmin version of the popular Gold’s AMP app that bundles in support for the latest Garmin fitness wearables. Released in 2017, the Gold’s AMP app is a combo fitness coaching and music app designed to free you from tedious and unmotivating workouts. The app uses upbeat music playlists to keep you moving and audio coaching that encourages you throughout your workout. Digital Trends I didn’t even know golds had an app.
  • Fitbit is unveiling a series of fashion-forward wristbands to go with their Versa smartwatch. The knitted wristbands in their PH5 collection, which were made in a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, “blend traditional knitwear with a futuristic aesthetic in three original styles,” according to the company. Each knit style, either striped, ribbed, or metallic, is available in two color choices for $39.95 each. The Verge Fitbit is trying to get people to buy their product by being more fashionable and more customizable.
  • Advancement in technology has helped fitness trackers in evolving into one of the biggest trends amongst health enthusiasts who wish to keep a tab on their activity level at all times. Starting from measuring sleep quality to caffeine intake, the fitness trackers are opening up newer possibilities with each passing day. Whether you are running on a tight budget or have a bulky wallet to cater to your requirements, a large variety of fitness trackers can keep you covered at all times by offering you motivation to kick start your workout plan and stick to the same. Today we shall discuss in detail about some important pointers which should be kept in mind before purchasing a fitness tracker. Purpose While proceeding with your purchase decision of a fitness tracker, you need to ask yourself its purpose in the first place. Multiple reasons could be existent but figuring out your sole cause can help in narrowing down the selection from the bulk of models available. Fitness trackers are known to boost up our confidence meter making it easier for users to set their goals and proceed towards the same by achieving milestones on a daily basis. Display Screen Fitness trackers having a built-in display make it easier to keep tab on time and in turn your ultimate fitness goals without having to reach out for your phone application time and again. Trackers equipped with a 16 colour OLED display can serve as the perfect aid whenever you proceed with guided workouts. However, a proper display is bound to add a few more pennies to the ultimate price tag of your fitness tracker. Thus, you should take this decision after a thorough consideration of whether you actually need one. Some fitness trackers which are not equipped with adequate displays resort to clever...