Day: July 11, 2018

  • Fitbit will be issuing a second software update later today to deal with a bug that can cause the Fitbit app to consume a large amount of mobile data. Some users have also reported an extra strain on battery life. So far its only the company’s Android app that has been affected. The San Francisco outfit first acknowledged the problem last week. This was after some of its customers turned to Twitter and Fitbit’s forum pages to flag up the issues. Gadgets and Wearables Fitbit is a company I am surprised Microsoft never acquired.
  • The arrival of AirPlay 2 on Sonos opens your home sound system up to a whole new world of listening possibilities—And way more. If your favorite streaming service feels like a giant virtual record shop (or movie store), think of Sonos as the gargantuan mall that houses it all: Your door-by-door selection of nearly any piece of sonic culture you could ever want. With over 80 content services plugged into the Sonos platform, countless songs, podcasts, TV shows, movies, radio broadcasts—you name it—are all a few taps away, ready to be piped throughout your home with clear, room-filling sound. But we know that this reservoir of content we call the sonic internet is constantly exploding—And so is your appetite for it. There’s more great stuff to stream than ever and we want to make it dead simple to enjoy it all on Sonos. That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Sonos platform: AirPlay 2. Sonos People have been waiting a long time for this and great to do this right before IPO.
  • Security cameras are becoming more in demand today. Many homeowners and business owners are apparently incorporating different variations of CCTV and surveillance cameras into their respective security systems. Due to its efficiency and effectiveness to provide security and monitor activities, users largely depend their security needs on security cameras. Another factor why many consumers patronize security cameras is because they are also pretty much convenient to use and install. But while they are quite easy to set up, they are also susceptible to hacking. In fact, you could learn it on your own by utilizing the world of the internet. And it only shows how it’s easy for someone to hack a security camera. As ironic as it may seem, security cameras are easy for hackers to access. Using the right programs, tools, and knowledge, a hacker may tap, watch, and even broadcast the footage you are monitoring or recording, especially today that the technology provides countless of avenues for someone to pick up the right ways and tools. The most apparent type of security cameras that are seen to be the attraction of hackers are the ones that are configured online for remote access. They are considered to be the most vulnerable of all. Now, when a security camera has been compromised, it can be very subtle. Owners and users wouldn’t even know that they are being watched or hacked already. So, how would you know if your security camera has been compromised? Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to know when a camera has been hacked. But there are actually signs that show hacking activities in a certain camera. And if you want to remove the threats and risks, you should be aware of these signs. The Strange Noises Have you ever encountered strange noises from your camera? If that...