Day: July 10, 2018

  • Apple today released iOS 11.4.1, and while most of us are already looking ahead to all the new stuff coming in iOS 12, this small update contains an important new security feature: USB Restricted Mode. Apple has added protections against the USB devices being used by law enforcement and private companies that connect over Lightning to crack an iPhone’s passcode and evade Apple’s usual encryption safeguards. The Verge Apple once again thank you for the security.
  • July 10, 2018

    Microsoft Announces Surface Go

    It’s official: Surface Go is Microsoft’s new affordable Surface tablet PC, and it goes on sale next month. “Surface Go is our smallest, lightest, and most affordable Surface yet,” Surface Chief Product Officer Panos Panay writes. “When we designed this device, we had to ask ourselves what people want and need from a 10-inch Surface. The answers seem obvious – lightweight, productive, and accessible to more people. I’m pumped to introduce you to Surface Go, because it’s all those things, and so much more.” Thurrott This might compete with Apples low-cost iPad.  
  • July 10, 2018

    Stand Up App Review

    Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I have been on a health kick trying to lose weight and my latest find to help with this process if the Stand Up App. Any technology job or office job is filled with not a lot of movement we sit at our desks and try to get as much work done as possible in an eight hour time frame five days a week. The Stand Up app helps fight the sitting we all do at our desks. I truly believe that sitting has replaced the Smoking and Tobacco Use epidemic of the 90s in America.  Stand Up works by reminding you to Stand Up and move on a schedule that you set. The app works with iPhone, iPad and the iWatch and I think does a better job than the standard Apple activity reminded.  Stand Up allows you to set your schedule based on The frequency of standing. When to When you want to stand. Standing duration before sitting back down. The app does have one really nice feature which stands up above the rest by letting you set Stand Up schedules for locations if you location service is enabled. You can even get a 7-day history on how much you stood for the day based on the number of times you stood up when the remind to stand went off and you clicked OK I’m Standing. The app lets you change the colors of the display, change stand up and sit down messages all for free the only in-app purchase is changing the sounds for alerts which costs as cheap as $.99 cents to as much as $4.99 depending on how much you want to pay the company Raised Square, LLC which relies on donations to develop the app. Overall I...