Day: July 3, 2018

  • Those still pining for Windows phone may find solace in Launcher 10, an Android launcher that emulates the Windows 10 Mobile look and feel. “Launcher 10 is a fast and highly customizable launcher for Android which is styled similar to Windows Mobile devices,” the official app description notes. “This app will change your home screen to look like a Windows device.” Thurrott I am kind of surprised Microsoft did do this for their Microsoft Android Phone great find by Paul Thurrott.
  • LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Micro Focus Intl (MCRO.L) has agreed to sell its SUSE open-source enterprise software business to Swedish buyout group EQT Partners for $2.535 billion, lifting its shares 6 percent. Micro Focus, a serial acquirer that has been struggling to get to grips with a $8.8 billion Hewlett Packard Enterprise deal, said on Monday it would use some of the proceeds to reduce debt and could return some of the rest to shareholders. SUSE is used by banks, universities and government agencies around the world and is a pioneer in enterprise-grade Linux software serving companies such as Air India, Daimler and Total. Reuters I wonder if this is the last nail in the coffin for Novell finally.
  • Dell Technologies Inc. will buy out its tracking stock to give it greater control over VMware Inc., a person familiar with the matter said. While VMware will remain independent for now, the move could make it easier for Dell to buy out the rest of the software maker later on. Dell, the world’s largest private technology company, could announce as soon as Monday a proposed share swap to acquire the DVMT tracking stock, currently valued at about $17 billion, Bloomburg Going private might have been the best thing Dell ever did for the company.
  • PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Starting Sunday, Best Buy will no longer sell CDs at its stores. According to a report from Billboard, the arrest of CD sales will happen nationwide. Due to digital streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and others, CD sales have been falling in recent years. Best Buy’s CD sales have recently only brought in about $40 million annually. Interestingly, though, Best Buy will continue to sell vinyl records for the next two years. CBS With the popularity of streaming music and the aging out of the CD-ROM, this was inevitable. Even cars are doing away with cd players.
  • As a business owner, you want to believe that your company is safe and that the physical space you occupy is going to remain intact and out of harm’s way. You don’t want unauthorized access to your premises, or theft of physical inventory or office equipment. You want to protect yourself and your employees from fires and other potential hazards. In order to assist you in getting your space in top shape, here are four tech solutions to the biggest physical security risks businesses face today. 1. Burglar/Intruder Alarms Break-ins are the most obvious physical security risk that businesses face today. No matter what kind of industry you are in, or whether you have an office, a store, or some other site for business operations, your space is susceptible to criminals wanting to take a piece of the pie. If you don’t have a burglar or intruder alarm, then you are even more vulnerable to theft. Having this kind of technology not only means that you will be alerted to any suspicious activity in and around your space; it can also work to deter criminals from attempting anything, as they will notice the alarms and look elsewhere to commit their crime. Having an alarm system as well as CCTV protection is the most effective approach to discouraging and decreasing the likelihood of theft or other criminal activity. 2. CCTV Protection Combined with burglar alarms, having CCTV protection on your premises helps to keep criminals at bay and catch those who make an attempt. It also aids you in observing your office or store’s productivity and increases the accountability of your staff, as workers are more prone to perform their tasks more efficiently and to a higher standard when they know they are being watched. You know your space the best,...