Day: June 15, 2018

  • YouTube Red now called YouTube Premium (I am still grandfathered in as a red user) has been pushing its original content hard and it’s paying off in a big way for YouTube. YouTube has two paid offering that gives access to their original content YouTube Premium and YouTubeTV. YouTube Red was originally designed as a way for users to have an ad-free experience and help content creators fight ad blockers in web browsers that were causing them to lose ad revenue. Then YouTube Red decided to offer included bonuses like a Google Play Music subscription and original content by top YouTube stars. Despite great success with YouTube stars creating original content YouTube decided to expand its premium offering to include professional actors and quality production value for shows like Cobra Kai, Lifeline, and Impulse with I am sure more to come in the near future. YouTube Red has released numbers saying that Rhett & Link’s YouTube Red original series did about 11 million viewers and that 5.4 million people watched the first episode of Cobra Kai over the course of its first day live. Which goes to show the number of subscriptions that YouTube has for its paid services. YouTube Red originals are great for getting users onto the paid service which in turn brings YouTube revenue and helps YouTube content creatures get paid for content if users are not watching ads. The YouTube Red originals help YouTube as well by drawing in bigger advertisers for YouTube and helping them compete in the original content market with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and many others. When you look at the Cobra Kai viewing numbers they are number two with 36 million viewers they are on point with other services original content viewership. According to Cobra Kai had 36 million views right...
  • Adobe has launched ‘The Hidden Treasures – Bauhaus Dessau,’ a campaign that will bring to life nearly century old original typography sketches and unpublished letter fragments from legendary Bauhaus design masters that were rediscovered and completed to inspire the next generation of creatives. Bauhaus Dessau, the world famous school of design, was closed in 1932 by the National Socialist Party leaving behind unfinished masterpieces, created by legendary design masters: Xanti Schawinsky, Joost Schmidt, Carl Marx, Alfred Arndt and Reinhold Rossig. World-renowned typeface designer Erik Spiekermann led the effort to turn the lost letter fragments and sketches from the Bauhaus archives into complete and fully functional fonts. Dexigner  
  • Microsoft-owned SwiftKey was one of the first virtual keyboards to offer intelligent, predictive swipe-typing on Android and iOS phones, and now Microsoft has announced that it will become the default keyboard for touchscreen-equipped Windows 10 computers as well. “SwiftKey will now power the typing experience on Windows when using the touch keyboard to write in English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), or Russian,” reads a portion of Microsoft’s blog post. CNET I wonder how much longer till you can add custom keyboards like Android and iOS.