Day: May 13, 2018

  • Microsoft will replace Surface Pro 4s that are afflicted with a screen flickering issue that is caused by a hardware problem and is unfixable in firmware or software. For more than a year, there have been complaints from Surface Pro 4 users that their tablet computers were developing a nasty screen flickering issue. You can see the issue in action here. The random occurrence and nature of the corruption made it clear that the hardware was the cause. To try and eke some life out of their systems, Surface Pro 4 users were going to extreme lengths. Sticking the machines in the freezer would restore normal function for a short period, and other owners felt that hairdryers were a better solution. ArsTechnica Just when you think Microsoft can’t get more bad press for surface they do.
  • Recently I have been demoing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems online the first CRM I demoed is the industry leader Salesforce. I wanted to try Salesforce after reading the book Behind the Cloud Untold Story of How Salesforce by Marc Benioff. Salesforce promotes an Out-of-the-box CRM for up to 5 users on Sales Cloud Essentials. The first issue I had with salesforce essentials is the $25 a month statement on their site. The promotion is not 100% accurate as $25 a month but there is no monthly option to pay all $300 dollars plus tax must be paid upfront. Mostly all of salesforce cheaper services are all pay once a year. If you buy the medium to enterprise services with more than one account, you can get monthly billing with a signed contract. The next issue I had with Salesforce was billing and invoicing which is not offered on any of the cheaper essential plans. Even if you go into the Salesforce app store none of the apps will work for billing, invoicing or credit card processing unless you have the $75-dollar midgrade business plan. Which by the way you have to migrate to from essentials which I believe there is a charge for that as well. One thing I have to say with Salesforce is for $300 dollars a year if you pay it all up front you get Sales, Service, and Chatter all in one, which is a good deal when you consider programs like Oracle Sales Cloud alone is $65 dollars month per user and Microsoft Dynamics is $115 a month per user just for the base feature packs. Salesforce recently bundled in their Salesforce Lightning for Gmail functionality into Office365 and G Suite which used to be an additional $300 a year per user. I would...