Day: May 3, 2018

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  • Creator Aaron Prisk talks about his ready-to-go education distro for educators not familiar with Linux. While many schools invest in Chromebooks and iPads, a growing flock of Linux-forward institutions is mapping an alternate route. I recently caught up with one innovative educator and IT leader from my home state. Aaron Prisk is the network administrator at West Branch Area School District, a small rural school an hour north of State College, Pennsylvania. Aaron told me how Linux and open source software is transforming teaching and learning at West Branch and explained the role of CorvOS, his custom Linux distribution for schools. Charlie Reisinger: How did you find your way into educational technology? OpenSource This could be in time a real competitor for the Chromebook.
  • Microsoft officially started rolling out the Windows 10 April 2018 Update a few days ago after it was delayed by a blocking bug earlier. The update packs a number of new functionalities and improvements, along with a list of deprecated features as well. While the update process has gone smoothly for most, it appears that there is at least one major post-update bug affecting numerous users. Neowin I could Microsoft not testing chrome it’s not their software.
  • A bug that Oracle recently patched broke the main functionality of Oracle Access Manager (OAM), which should only give authorized users access to protected enterprise data. OAM provides an authentication function for web applications based on Oracle Fusion Middleware. It can be used to provide and block access to external mobile and cloud applications. However, researchers at Austrian security firm SEC-Consult found a flaw in OAM’s cryptographic format that allowed them to create session tokens for any user, which the attacker could use to impersonate any legitimate user and access web apps that OAM should be protecting. ZDNet I usually don’t write about security but a major security issue everyone should know about.
  • Spotify has been growing at a steady pace as it has been gaining more subscribers over time. Today, the company announced its first-ever earnings report as a public company. During its earnings call, Spotify announced that it now has over 75 million paying subscribers (via Variety). This is up from 71 million subscribers the company announced back in February. If we split that evenly, Spotify is growing at roughly 2 million subscribers per month. In terms of both paid and ad-supported users, Spotify had roughly 170 million monthly active users in March, equating to roughly 100 million users currently on a trial or not paying for the service. 9to5Mac I love watching Apple and Spotify each announcing their milestone numbers fun to watch.  
  • Yesterday, I was searching in my Gmail for old files that I wanted to download. Once the email opened, I had a particular surprise: Anti-virus warning – 2 attachments contain a virus or blocked file. Downloading these attachments is disabled. Why do we have this anti-virus warning? Like I said, this error was kind of surprising since I know for sure those files don’t contain viruses. After reading the Learn more link, I realized that those files were marked as a virus because they contained another .zip file in it. According to this link again, it is also possible to have a file blocked if it figures in the list of the Gmail blocked file type (for example a .bat file). You can take a look to the banned files type list here. Barfuhok I get Google trying to be secure but this can be a pain at times.
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