Day: April 23, 2018

  • April 23, 2018

    FoundationDB is Open Source

    Starting today, FoundationDB starts its next chapter as an open source project! FoundationDB is a distributed datastore, designed from the ground up to be deployed on clusters of commodity hardware. These clusters scale well as you add machines, automatically heal from hardware failures, and have a simple API. The key-value store supports fully global, cross-row ACID transactions. That’s the highest level of data consistency possible. What does this mean for you? Strong consistency makes your application code simpler, your data models more efficient, and your failure modes less surprising. The great thing is that FoundationDB is already well-established — it’s actively developed and has years of production use. We intend to drive FoundationDB forward as a community project and we welcome your participation. FoundationDB FoundationDB was purchased by Apple back in 2015 they specialize in distributed databases. I would like to point out that there is no Swift language support but it supports Google’s Go language.
  • Flickr has been snapped up by Silicon Valley photo-sharing and storage company SmugMug, USA TODAY has learned. SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill told USA TODAY he’s committed to breathing new life into the faded social networking pioneer, which hosted photos and lively interactions long before it became trendy. SmugMug, an independent, family-run company, will maintain Flickr as a standalone community of amateur and professional photographers and give the long neglected service the focus and resources it deserves, MacAskill said in an exclusive interview. USA Today I am so glad to see someone doing something with Flickr its great service that Yahoo killed along with tumblr.
  • Technology is rolling like craziness. So, it is spreading all over the world by leaps and bounds. There are many centers all around the world that are busy modifying their existing technologies and also finding newer ways to make them even more innovative. In the fast running world, people are somewhere busy thinking about how to bring changes so that they can truly compete with their competitors with their boosted technologies. So, today the discussion shall be about one such state. FIBRE OPTICS Fiber optics is the science that deals with the transmission of data, voice, images which are done by the passage of the light through the thin and the transparent material which allows the light to pass. In the field of telecommunications, the fiber optics finds the purpose of replacing the copper wires which were used in the long-distance telephone lines and also has provided a link to the computers which are operated in the local area networks. In the modern days, the material that is used in the fiber optics is especially very thin materials or glass. The diameter of such an optic is usually about 125 micrometers. These days such an innovation is finding popularity because they are easy to use, can be used for the long-distance communications and are also free from dissipation. FIBER OPTIC INTRODUCTION IN CHATANOOGA Chattanooga was once a quite simple city, but with the moving days it has proved to be a large technology hub and is out beating many other places. One of the most incredible thing about this place was the introduction of the fiber-optic which had a capability of delivering on the internet with speed of 1 gigabyte per second to each and every resident. It was unbelievable that a city can be so a developed to do...