Day: April 12, 2018

  • Tomorrow at midnight PT, Apple will begin issuing an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4. It’s a one-time (per app) alert, designed to help MacOS make the full transition to 64-bit. At some unspecified time in the future, the operating system will end its support for 32-bit technology… meaning those apps that haven’t been updated just won’t work. That time, mind you, is not tomorrow, but the company’s hoping that this messaging will help light a fire under users and developers to upgrade before that day comes. TechCrunch I expect most Apple tech support people heard this news and just cringed thinking about all the support calls they are going to get over this news.
  • Apple has set a date when it will ax iTunes for good, according to reports. The tech giant is looking to scrap music downloads because of the popularity of its Apple Music streaming service and rivalry with platforms like Spotify. According to leaked reports, iTunes will be phased out by March 31, 2019. NYPost It does not surprise me they are doing this Apple Music took off huge for Apple and iTunes model of buying 1 song at a time for 99 cents just may not be viable for them. Plus they want to push music lovers to spend $9 dollars a month then a dollar here or then on a song once or twice a month.
  • Hello G Suite Administrator, In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for a new experience in Gmail. This EAP will introduce a new design for the Gmail web interface, as well as several new features. These changes will also be made available to users with personal Gmail accounts, so we want to make sure you’re adequately prepared for questions from your G Suite users in advance of the public announcement. We’ll share more details on The Keyword and G Suite Updates blog when the EAP opens, but you can expect the following features (and more) in the new Gmail experience: A fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web. Easy access to G Suite apps, such as Google Calendar, from within Gmail. Smart Reply on the web, just like on mobile. Ability to “snooze” emails and choose when they reappear in your inbox. Offline support (coming shortly after the EAP announcement; see below for more info). More about Offline support We previously announced that we’re moving Chrome apps, like Gmail Offline, to the web. As part of this effort, we’ll introduce native offline support in the new Gmail experience by June 2018. We’ll provide more details about this new offline setting and the eventual shutdown of the Gmail Offline Chrome app in future communications on the G Suite Updates blog. An update on Chrome extensions Many popular Chrome extensions already work with the new Gmail experience, but we can’t guarantee that all will. We recommend testing any critical Chrome extensions before more broadly enabling the new Gmail experience within your organization. If the extension doesn’t work, you can contact the extension developer directly to request an update. Got love when you get these emails to your Gsuite changing.
  • Microsoft is expanding Cortana’s functionality on Android with a new feature for Messages. The company already lets users reply to messages from their PC using Cortana on Android, and the latest addition takes the SMS integration a step further. With the latest update, Microsoft is adding a new feature that will enable Cortana to read messages aloud. Thurrott Microsoft is slowing catching up to Google and Siri but they still have a long way to go on iOS.
  • While 40% of startups have managed to secure loans, the process is by no means easy or without its own issues. Business owners need to provide a large amount of documentation to satisfy the requirements of the bank or investors. Alternate means of funding might just be the solution, with crowdfunding already spurring business owners on to give their best pitch. But are there other means of funding businesses can look forward to? Cryptocurrency Could Be A Solution Before making that dreaded appointment at the bank to go through the traditional routes of finance, techno-savvy business owners might want to consider a different approach. As cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, bitcoin funding is becoming more prevalent. While this poses some steep competition for banks and other financial institutions, it creates more opportunities for those who are not stuck in the traditional finance system. Merchants are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, which opens up possibilities for those who use bitcoin. Security Backed Loans For Partners Who Don’t Qualify It may just happen that a startup has all the documents in place, is a viable business concern, and has the right people behind it. However, when the lenders or investors do a little bit of digging on the directors of the business, they may come across credit history that is not entirely high enough for funding. This could stop the business from starting or expanding, which means the director needs to get that score up fast. A security-backed loan is one way of doing it as the financial institution knows the customer is good for the money even if they’re unable to meet the installments. Alternative Loans Without Security Another way is through a credit builder loan, which allows consumers to build up their score without security. They simply have to repay the loan...