Day: April 10, 2018

  • Microsoft is releasing the source code for its original Windows File Manager from nearly 28 years ago. Originally released for Windows 3.0, the File Manager was a replacement for managing files through MS-DOS, and allowed Windows users to copy, move, delete, and search for files. While it’s a relic from the past, you can still compile the source code Microsoft has released and run the app on Windows 10 today. The Verge I like how Microsoft released it on Github rather than on their site.
  • iPhone 8 devices that worked fine prior to the iOS 11.3 update have suddenly stopped working. Last year, an iOS update killed touch functionality on iPhone 7 devices that had been repaired with third-party screens by independent repair stores. Patch notes for the update said that third-party replacement parts might not work correctly, but a week later another update resolved the issue. The message was clear: Software updates can kill core functionality on phones repaired by a third party. Vice This is a tough situation you want to wait for Apple to create a fix but you need your phone.
  • Social media has taken the world by storm and is being touted as the best and the quickest mode of connecting with the crowd. The new yardstick of how social you are being judged by the number of followers you have. Proof of it lies in posts, images, and videos going viral. If you have enough of a following, your message gets circulated instantly to a large enough audience, an audience that might otherwise have been inaccessible or not so easily reached through traditional media. The way it works is sort of like a compounding effect – when your followers like a post, they would tend to like, share, or re-tweet it. So, in effect, your message reaches out not only to your followers but followers of your followers too. In the event that you do not have a big enough following yet, there is nothing to despair. All it takes is a little diligence, in some instances an investment whereby you could buy real Instagram followers or even boost views on your posts. And, unlike traditional media, you get the benefit of instant feedback too as social media is a two-way street and near instantaneous at that. This is quick and efficient. Marketers are increasingly using it as their primary marketing tool and also for running campaigns and all these, at minimal costs. Why are the numbers so important? Your blog may be rich with excellent content but if there are not enough followers reading it, then the blog is not considered noteworthy. Not in the sense of quality or the content worthiness, but marketers wouldn’t take a second look if the numbers aren’t there. The stress is on being able to reach out to a large audience and then serve that readership with quality content. Of course, if...
  • April 10, 2018

    Three Game Genres That Every Gamers Love

    According to a 2016 study published by the Entertainment Software Association, there are over 1.8 billion gamers around the world. These billions of tuned-in players are playing games on PC, consoles and mobile devices and they are playing games of various genres too. But, which game genres, in particular, are popular with this tech-loving demographic? Strategy Games A wooden chess board with the pieces set up on either side via Pexels Some of the most popular video games on the market right now are strategy games that offer intense battles in terms of combat and wits. These are games such as the Civilization series, where you must make decisions for your kingdom including the monuments that you build, or XCOM, where you must lead a squadron of soldiers into battle against an enemy, alien force. Strategy games can be hugely challenging and, according to a study by the Queen Mary University, strategy games are also good for your brain, which is perhaps why gamers enjoy them so much! People love having their strategic skills tested in games that let them use their knowledge of history, troop placement and more to gain the edge over their opponents. Casino Games Another hugely popular game genre is casino games, a niche that actually includes several games of different types. Not only are there blackjack games based on your knowledge of cards and roulette games where you pick a number and watch the wheel spin, but there are also online slots with various different themes and potentially major payouts. Players don’t just appreciate casino games for their variety, however, with international players also liking the smaller localization features that make a game work for their region. For example, with online casino Canada, players are able to find casinos specifically tailored towards Canadian players. This includes casinos that...