Day: April 5, 2018

  • With recent macOS upgrade Apple has tried to offer some amazing features to users with quality experience. Though it was considered a useful upgrade but still it is not free from its own issues. In this article, we have discussed some common macOS Sierra issues and their solutions. iCloud Errors: If you are facing constant iCloud errors and iCloud authentication pop-up messages like “error connecting to iCloud” or “This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with (email address)” then you can fix this issue with a small tweak in settings. To do this, head to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud and tap on “Sign Out”. Now restart your system and return to Apple menu and then System Preferences to access iCloud Preference panel. Here, log back into the iCloud. Source: tonymacx86 Spotlight not working with macOS Sierra: If you find Spotlight isn’t working on your Mac or it has stopped working all of sudden then you can fix the problem by following a simple process. Here, you may also find an issue like Spotlight showing inaccurate results. To fix this problem and bring back the normal functionality of Spotlight on your system, simply reboot your Mac and try accessing Spotlight again. You can also try rebuilding the Spotlight index but here again, you need to reboot your system to make Spotlight working normally again. Source: osxdaily Mac is Hot: If you find Mac’s temperature is high and it is hot even after fans are running at full speed after macOS Sierra update then the possible reason could be the indexing done by the system after update. Here, your Mac needs to reindex complete hard drive including features like Siri, Spotlight, Photos app etc. Thus, the first thing you need to do is to wait for...
  • Microsoft says it has taken a big step forward in making chatbots and digital assistants much more conversational. Microsoft today announced that it has created what it believes is the “first technological breakthrough” toward making conversations with chatbots more like speaking to another person. Microsoft says that it has figured out how to make chatbots talk and listen at the same time, allowing them to operate in “full duplex,” to use telecommunications jargon. The company says this allows chatbots or assistants to have a flowing conversation with humans, much more akin to how people talk to one another. Windows Central I wonder how this will effect Cortana in the future.
  • Apple quietly updated its Apple Music app on Android this week to add support for music videos. “Apple Music now includes a new music video experience, the app description reads on Google Play. “Find what’s new and popular in Music Videos within Browse, and play videos back-to-back with exclusive music video playlists.” Thurrott I find this so cool that Apple Music is supported on Android it shows a very different Apple and their commitment to music. Like Tim Cook said music is important to Apple its built into their DNA.
  • Hangouts Meet is Google’s voice/video conferencing software for business use, and it comes as part of G Suite. There’s even purpose-built hardware for it that was updated last month. Like similar services, it allows you to create and share a code that can then be used by employees to connect to meetings. The dial-in feature is great for staff on the move, and now that’s being extended further. Before it was only possible for team members to dial into a meeting from their phone number, but now it’s also possible to dial out from Hangouts Meet to any US or Canadian number. It’s also completely free of charge. You have to be on the desktop site to use the feature, then you can simply open up the meeting details and click “add someone by phone.” Android Police Great to see a competitor for GoToMeeting that’s included with a 10 dollar GSuite subscription. This is a real money saver for businesses.