Day: March 9, 2018

  • For people who prefer to use a third-party messaging client, Slack offers an IRC and XMPP gateway. Unfortunately, support for gateways is ending. Starting on May 15th, it will no longer be possible to connect to Slack using the IRC and XMPP gateways. Slack There are so many IRC clients it makes sense for slack to abandon development of this feature.
  • One of the most requested features that Windows 10 Insiders have been asking for is the addition of tabs to File Explorer. Well yesterday, for those 22 thousand+ insiders who voted for this feature, Microsoft released insider preview build 17618 that includes tabs in File Explorer as part of its Sets feature! Windows 10 Sets is an upcoming feature where you can group documents and apps into one tabbed window that are related to the particular task at hand. Bleeping Computer Build 17618 has a ton of features users have wanted for years.
  • Sonos will soon once again supports Audible streaming on its smart speakers after abruptly removing the audiobook service two years ago. The company mistakenly published an announcement page and then took it down, but Android Police copied it here. “We’re actively working to bring Audible to Sonos, but this feature is not yet available. This blog post was published erroneously,” a spokesperson for Sonos clarified, noting that there is no specific timeline to share as to when support will return. The Verge This is something I have been wanting for a long time Sonos works with I was surprised when audible did not work natively.  
  • If you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and reap the benefits of running your own business, you’re not alone. In the UK in 2017 there were over 4 million entrepreneurs doing just that. Firstly, you need to decide which mode of working for yourself will suit you and your business aspirations best. Working for yourself falls into three main categories. You can work as a sole trader, register a limited company or form a business partnership. But which one is right for you, and what do you need to do too keep everything legal? Registering your Business: All it takes to get up and running as a sole trader is to register yourself with HMRC for self-assessment, which can be done online. You also need to register to pay Class 2 and 4 National Insurance contributions. To keep major outgoings to a minimum you can pay your NI contributions monthly. Tax returns need attending to every year and to be paid on time to avoid hefty financial penalties. The downside – while you get all the profits, you are also solely responsible for any debts accrued by the business. In a Business Partnership two or more people are involved in operating the business. The set-up is similar to that of a sole trader. All partners share the profits and pay their own tax. They are also equally responsibility for any business debts which might accumulate. To register with HMRC, a trading name needs to be picked and a ‘nominated partner’, who will be responsible for tax returns and bookkeeping, has to be agreed. The criteria for setting up a Limited Liability Company are stringent and unless you have previous experience, employing the services of a chartered accountant is to be recommended. You will be paid a salary by the company, but as a Company...