Day: February 8, 2018

  • Technology giant Oracle on Thursday announced the launch of a new holistic, unified cloud-based eClinical solution intended to bring new drugs to the market in a timely manner, while maintaining quality and safety. The new “Clinical One Platform” will unify clinical development operations and information in a single environment with shared functions and an easy-to-use interface for sites, clinical coordinators and their counterparts. The holistic, unified cloud solution, is being built from the ground to address the needs of the entire drug development lifecycle — everyone and every process required to get a drug to market. First Post Oracle really pushing hard in the cloud market and really advertising hard on places like WSJ and other business places.
  • Microsoft is bringing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the Microsoft Store and Windows 10 with the next major update of the operating system due to land in the spring. At this point, some of you may be asking: ‘progressive what now?’ If you’ve not heard of PWAs before, they are simply websites (or web apps) which are implemented as native apps, and delivered just like a normal app through Windows 10’s store. As Microsoft explains in a blog post, these new web apps are built on a raft of nifty technologies – including Service Worker, Fetch networking, Push notifications and more Tech Radar Microsoft really pushing web apps hard since its the future of the platform on pc and XBox.
  • We all know how much our lives have changed, once the advent of streaming devices! Our lives where no more shaped around the favorite channels or shows of ours! We didn’t have to miss a day or two of our show, because we had stuff to do! All this changed, because there came the streaming devices that gave us the super natural ability of being to view, record or rewatch any content, anywhere! But, For so long, humanity has sought answer for one question; which should I buy, had I had the money sufficient for both? Apple TV 4K or Roku Ultra? The question that has dawned upon us, and we set out to find the answer. We found that components like Value for money, how effective does the remote-control work, how valuable are the contents that are provided, how efficient is the search and how easy is the user interface. We found that the basic functionalities of these devices were different, and that the brand images were also different. But we aren’t letting any of that cloud our judgement. Our verdict will only be based on pure performance, and nothing else! Value for money: While Roku Ultra is retailed for a 100$, Apple TV 4K is sold for a rocketing 170$! The money that we will have to offer to both Roku Ultra and Apple TV 4K is pretty high, but what Apple TV 4K demands is out right ridiculous, and will definitely blow a hole through your pocket! Roku and Apple agreeably provide same quality in the way they stream, so “Quality is overcharged” doesn’t work here! There is no justification for this pricing from the Apple TV 4K’s side, and we think Roku wins this one! Remote Control: The device, however good it might be, will always...