Day: February 1, 2018

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  • If you own an awesome looking Wacom Smartpad and long to use it on Linux, I’ve some good news. Wacom Smartpads like the Bamboo Slate currently lack official Linux support. You’ll know this if you’ve tried to pair one to use with your Linux laptop or PC. But that is about to change. And it’s all thanks to — what else — open source. Finally! Bamboo Slate Support on Linux Two Red Hat developers have launched a new open-source project called ‘Tuhi’ that brings support for Wacom Smartpad devices to Linux. OMGUbuntu I am all for this but not sure how many users that need Wacom tablets are using Linux.
  • Microsoft posted its second quarter of its 2018 financial results today, reporting revenue of $28.9 billion and net income of $7.5 billion. Revenue has jumped 12 percent year-over-year during the holiday quarter, and the trend of Microsoft’s success with the cloud has continued. This time around, Azure revenue has increased by a massive 98 percent. The Verge Microsoft really turned the corner from where it was under the Steve Balmer leadership. They stopped chasing Apple and focuses on what is important to them and what they do best.
  • Shh, don’t tell anyone, but the iPad version is in internal testing and looking great. It’ll take a little longer to bake, so we’re going to roll out it to our TestFlight users early next month and get feedback from them before making it widely available. Thanks for using Edge! Twitter Microsoft Edge engineer Sean Lyndersay confirmed it via Twitter not sure how many users will actually use it.
  • Microsoft To-Do, which will eventually replace Wunderlist, is getting a few new features. Well, it will eventually get new features as Microsoft has indicated that work has begun on adding new functionality to the bare-bones task-management application. The UserVoice page for To-Do was updated a few weeks ago to indicate that the company is now developing sub-tasks and shared lists. For those that use the app, this is good news, but if Microsoft wants to truly grab market share in this area, they need to speed up the development ten-fold. Thurrott I never really needed a todo app till I got one and now I love it and can’t live without it and Microsoft is adding the To-Do App to Office365
  • February 1, 2018

    BLS – Google Pixel 2 Review

    In this episode, we review the Google Pixel 2 and talk about using Android vs iOS. We talk about Google making moving from iOS to Android easy. We get into touch id we talk about the iPhone X and the disappearing home button. We get into the Google Pixel 2 being Verizon exclusive and much more…