Day: January 24, 2018

  • For many years, Microsoft Outlook, part of the Office 365 productivity suite, has had a rudimentary task list that was less than satisfactory and often ignored by users. However, with the widespread release of To-Do for Office 365 subscribers, Microsoft hopes to change our perception of the task list and reignite the to-do-list system as a viable organizational tool for enterprise employees. Tech Republic I am very surprised how popular the Microsoft To-Do App has gotten. Microsoft has not been over successful with apps besides the Office suite.
  • Office for Mac 2016 gets an auto-save feature matching what Windows users have had since last August. AutoSave is available only to Office for Mac 2016 users who also subscribe to Office 365. Microsoft last week added an auto-save feature to the core applications in Office for Mac 2016, matching what Windows users were given in August. AutoSave is available only to Office for Mac 2016 users who are also subscribers to Office 365. Computer World This kind of goes along with Microsoft Aligning Office for Mac With Windows. I am very happy to now have autosave on Office for Mac was a long time wanted feature by Mac users.
  • “Read more.” Every year it’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. But with all the time spent battling traffic, working out, or picking up groceries, there often doesn’t seem to be a minute to simply sit down with a book. With audiobooks on Google Play, rolling out today in 45 countries and nine languages, you can turn your time stuck in traffic, on the treadmill, or waiting in line into reading time. Find your next great read at an affordable price, and enjoy it across Android, iOS and the web with Google Play Books, as well as on devices that include the Google Assistant, like Google Home and many others. Here’s what you need to know: Google I am interested to see what a subscription would look like from Google or if they will even offer it. I can’t see Google going subscription since Apple does not offer a subscription audiobook service.
  • Apple has announced it will release the HomePod on February 9th and that preorders for the device will start this Friday, January 26th. The smart speaker will initially go on sale in the US, UK, and Australia. It’ll then arrive in France and Germany sometime this spring. The company’s first smart speaker was originally supposed to go on sale before the end of the 2017, but it was delayed in mid-December. That meant Apple missed a holiday season where millions of smart speakers were sold — but the market for voice-activated speakers is clearly just getting started. The Verge Thi sis going to be a huge selling item just like the Airpods. Apple always does well with music products.
  • More people are seeking new experiences and new fun ways of enjoying their spare time. Outdoor activities have become very popular and people are embracing it and engaging in them since it is more cheaper, engaging and also a good way to bond with friends and family. To make the outdoor experience more comfortable and more fun, new technology have been invented to make things easier. These gadgets are usually very affordable, durable, easy to use and most of all they are portable. Below we have given a list of gadgets that make the outdoor activities more fun and comfortable. Most of them are powered by readily available sources energy such as the sun. Here they are. 1. A Multipurpose Pen Knife. When you are out doors there are are many things that would require the use of a knife. Having a knife on you when you are out doors makes thing more easier to accomplish. When buying a knife it is better that you buy a knife that is strong, durable, portable and can do more than one job. Pen knives do help in repairing malfunctioning items, making new things from scratch and can even be used to protect yourself when all hell breaks loose. Other knives have compasses on them to ensure you don’t get lost. Even though machete’s and pen knives can be used on the same job, pen knives are better since they can be concealed. Furthermore pen knives are more flexible and can be used in many different terrains. 2. A Torch. If you are going to be outdoors until late, carrying a torch is probably a good idea. It is among the most basic outdoor equipment that you must have. At night a torch improves visibility allowing you to move safely through the dark....