Day: January 12, 2018

  • Microsoft has anointed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, 1709 — released last October to consumers — as officially ready for business deployment. Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release is officially ready for deployment by businesses, officials said on January 11. ZDNet I still think this every six-month update cycle going to be a tough this for admins.
  • MICROSOFT has resumed accepting bitcoin as payment after temporarily halting transactions in the “unstable” cryptocurrency earlier this week. Since 2014, the software giant has allowed users to add money to their Microsoft account using bitcoin, but has temporarily stopped supporting bitcoin twice in the past, once in 2015 and once in 2016. News.Com.AU Kind of surprised Microsoft reversed this decision in less than few day.
  • Security is a big concern for many users and while most typically think of that as meaning you protect your PC from malware, there are also easy ways to protect your conversations as well. Starting today, Skype is testing out a new feature called Private Conversations that delivers end-to-end encryption to your chats. The encrypted communication channel works for both audio and text messages and files as well but not video calls. Microsoft is using the Signal Protocol by Open Whisper Systems to secure the data and for now, you can only use this feature with contacts that are participating in the Skype Insider Preview. Thurrott I have to say Microsoft was majorly behind on this it’s about time.
  • The craze of online games is very high in this technologically advanced world, but one of the biggest problems which are faced at the time of playing online games is lag. Why do you think it happens? In this regard, we first need to understand latency. Latency gets calculated by ping times.  It means the time which is needed by the player for sending a signal to the game server and then for the game server in sending a reply back. Time differs because of many factors.  The important factor is geographical location of both servers. The world of internet is actually network made up which is formed of millions of system and each one of them serves like a node, capable of receiving and passing data. More the distance between servers more will be the nodes which one needs to travel.  It means higher ping time will lead to higher latency.  This happens because of the way a game engine works.  In short, lag is the sum of ping time and the system speed. How to solve this problem? Well you need to reduce the ping times and ensure the system you are using is running fast. Here are some Tips when playing online games. Go for a wired connection A wired connection is something which gives the guarantee that it will act faster than a wireless one, even in the case when a player is using new Wireless-AC standard.  We all know Wi-Fi is leads to huge interference. To stay away from uncertainties plugging it in is something which always helps. All programs to be closed which are connected to the internet The Internet bandwidth acts as a finite resource.  In case you are trying to run multiple programs at one time which needs Internet access for sure,...