Year: 2018

  • December 31, 2018

    Top 3 Audiobook Picks of 2018

  • December 28, 2018

    Apples Hardware Sales Are Slowing Down

    Apple has been having issues as of late and they are looking at ways to regroup. I want to start out by saying Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world and they are not in any danger of going out of business but they have had signs of slowing sales. I would like to say Apples slowing sales while an issue for Apple is still more sales than any other smartphone company in the world. Apple did mention that they are no longer reporting unit sales but will report overall sales. Which is a way of Apple not wanting to show iPhone, iPad and Mac sales? While revenues are up on the Apple Echo system their unit sales have slowed. Apple has started selling hardware on Amazons site, Cosco and Best Buy. While Apple has sold products in retail stores for years they have never sold online on Amazon and have never offered sales on products like they have this year. Apple is bringing Apple Music to the Amazon Echo platform. Apple has realized that there HomePod is not a huge success and that they need to bring Apple music to smart speakers if they want to keep their growth in the music market going strong and to compete with Spotify. Apple is now offering 6 months of Apple music free on Verizon as a way to entice users to Apple Music that are on Verizon. Apple has started raising prices on hardware products more than 20% in some cases. Look at the prices of the new MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone and Apple Pen all prices are at least up twenty percent up from the last generation. While I think Apple still makes great products Apples slowing hardware sales are because users are hanging onto hardware...
  • December 27, 2018

    The Value of SEO for Financial Advisers

    Search engine optimization has proved to be a great marketing tool for businesses in different industries. The reason why more and more businesses are investing in SEO is that it works. Many businesses have been able to see great results without having to invest a lot of money in the process. The growth of the internet means more and more people will be able to access the internet, and search engines will be the first stops. Ranking for the right keywords can do wonders for your business, and you will be able to get traffic that you wouldn’t have been able to get before. Financial advisers need SEO too because most of their prospective customers are online. Finding successes online will mean having a good marketing strategy that has search engine optimization at the center. With the right strategy, you will start seeing substantial digital growth and success for your financial advisers firm. A good strategy will provide you with visible results that you can easily track, giving you the chance to know what is working and what isn’t. You stand to gain a lot by investing SEO because the benefits are more than just the increase in traffic you are going to get. What is the value of SEO for financial advisers? Increase in traffic Having a good strategy results in increased traffic to your website. Having traffic to your website gives you the chance to convert the visitors to paying clients. If you find that you have an increase in traffic but no conversion, then consider checking your sales funnel, this is where many small businesses fail in. The hardest part when it comes to marketing online is increasing traffic. Once you achieve this, you can be able to fine-tune your conversion strategy so you can make the...
  • Penetration testing such as services provided by Alpine Security will include ethical hackers breaking down and getting in your cyber defenses and computer systems to expose possible network and system vulnerabilities. Letting hackers penetrate your network may not sound attractive, but it’s highly critical to protect your business from cyber attacks. There’s a saying that preventive measures are better than solutions so you shouldn’t wait until your business becomes a victim of these cyber attacks before you work on solving them. Here are 7 reasons how penetration testing services can help secure your business’ network and systems: 1. Business are prime targets for cyber attacks Businesses have been prime targets of these attacks due to its vulnerability and financial capabilities. Research shows that 60% of businesses suffer from hacks and data breaches. Furthermore, here are some reasons why cybercriminals target businesses: Businesses, particularly in the financial sector, may have valuable data that can be used or sold for the benefit of a third party. Businesses are involved with money and criminals want to gain access to large amounts of money. If your business has valuable data that can be profitable for these cybercriminals, you may want to consider investing in a penetration test. 2. Expose vulnerabilities in your system Having cybersecurity professionals hacking your system will expose your businesses weak spots against cyber threats. Rather than having those loopholes exploited by an untrusted party, you’ll have a professional service to show you precisely where your cyber defenses can be improved. This method will give you a chance to amend issues on your system and prevent future cyber attacks. Here are examples of system vulnerabilities: Weak passwords Broken algorithm usage Path traversal Bugs SQL injection Missing authorization Poor data encryption Virus-infected software 3. Prevent financial loss from system downtime If your...
  • December 27, 2018

    Flipboard Review

    I recently started playing around with the app Flipboard. I know Flipboard has been around a while as I remember seeing the logo on the back of Ashton Kutcher’s laptop in Two and Half Men back in 2011. While there are tons of news aggregators on the web Flipboard is a little different than all the others. When you look at the web interface of Flipboard it looks like any other news aggregator but when you use the app which is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 you see the real power of the app allows you to actually “flip” through articles, images and videos being shared. Readers can also save stories into Flipboard magazines and use the The Daily Edition and the 10 For Today to get the top stories of the day. The power of Flipboard is how deep you can customize and how personalized you can get with the categories and what specific data you want from specific categories for example. Say you want Movie News, but you only want movie news on just Comic Book movies. Say you only want Celebrity News, but you only want Celebrity News on Celebrity Dating or say you want news on just a certain celebrity. Flipboard really lets you did down into the news so you only get the news you want everyday. Flipboard even takes it a step further by adding a feature to every articles which gives you the option of Never show this again Show more of this Show less of this Never show this again This allows Flipboard to customize the categories even more for you and to keep you getting the right information.
  • Venturing into a business takes a lot of work. You have to look for constant ways to expand your business to attract more customers. A surefire way to do so is to have a presence online. In today’s day and age we get to know most things via the internet. Whether you are looking for a job, buying clothes, submitting feedback, taking surveys or launching petitions, you are always filling out online forms or so it seems. So if you have started business you will need to make an online page where your customers can fill out forms. But creating such a page cannot be done with limited knowledge in computer coding. Question is how to make an online form easily? When you have platforms such as AidaForm the whole process becomes simple and cheap. AidaForm is a form building platform that helps you create forms for your business websites. It requires no coding and only basic computer knowledge. Stated below are the steps you can follow to create that online form page that your website or application very clearly requires. Steps to create a form in AidaForm: The first action that you have to take is to sign into your AidaForm account. If you do not have one, you must create a new account using your password and email id. Registration is done for free of cost and so is the making of the first ever form from the account. Post that you need to switch to a paid plan. Once you are all set in your new account you can start working on your form. Before you begin composing your page, you must know which type of form you need. There are various forms available with different fields and options. The most popular types of forms being Contact...
  • Earlier in the year open-source software startup Whitewater Foundry brought WLinux to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Not content with creating the first native Linux distribution for WSL, the company has now gone a step further, targeting enterprise users with WLinux Enterprise. Whitewater Foundry says that WLinux Enterprise is the first product to support the industry-standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Windows Subsystem for Linux. The company says that WLinux Enterprise allows for the integration of the most stable, secure, and reliable Linux distribution with Windows 10. It adds that the software has been designed for custom deployments in consultation with Whitewater Foundry experts. With WLinux Enterprise, the company is targeting numerous sectors such as fintech and others that must adhere to strict security and regulatory requirements. Via BetaNews
  • Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2018 Update, aka version 1809, has been made available to a wider set of Windows 10 users. Although the update was only re-released recently after Microsoft was forced to pull the update following a major early incident, Microsoft is making the update available to basically everyone. The company announced on Monday that the new Windows 10 October 2018 Update is available to all “advanced users”. And figuring out if you are an advanced user could be quite confusing as Microsoft doesn’t really outline what you need to be considered as an advanced user. Well, as it turns out, an advanced user is basically someone who can manually check for updates in the Settings app. So if you are yet to get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, simply open up the Settings app, go to the Update & Security page, and check for updates to receive the update. Via Thurrott
  • December 18, 2018

    Subscription Book Services Yes or No?

    I wanted to point out I know Amazon is the big name is ebook publishing but there are other options out there the one I used for publishing my ebook and started using is LeanPub. If your a tech person like myself I was astounded at how many tech-related books are on Leanpub by indy authors and the pay what you want model that Leanpub has is very cool. While pay what you want can work both ways for authors Kindle unlimited does not seem to generate much revenue for authors. I know Scribd gives you unlimited books and one free audiobook month. Amazon offers two book subscription services Kindle Unlimited and Audible which are both good. There are other services that offer book subscription services that have smaller userbases then Amazon and Scribd. Bookmate 24symbols Playster Kobo Plus I am not sure if I like the book subscription model because there always seems to be a book I want to read that is never available for free but I guess this could be said about a movie you want to watch that’s not on Netflix. While Kindle Unlimited offers Harry Potter all Game Thrones books are off limits for free. I do feel Scribd has a better selection of new releases then Kindle Unlimited and their magazine and comic book selections have much more to offer. I feel I have not found the right service for me or maybe the subscription model is not right for the book industry. I never see anything from James Paterson, Michael Connolly or Stephen King on any of these subscription services. While I like the subscription model it does not at times offer the A-List authors that many readers enjoy. I do wonder if the subscription model is the right fit for...
  • The heavy textbooks, abnormal sleep cycles,longer writing sessions, and all night writing is no longer fun. You should notworry, though because technology is always offering something new. Theavailable online, Android, iPad and iPhone apps can make your writing processesmuch easier and improve your results. Here are the top 10 apps that will helpyou be one of the best writers. You can also use them to boost your paperwriting and studying processes. With them, you will not experience anynightmares anymore. Online – In addition to word definition, provides useful information forscholars. The app offers punctuation formats, writing style guide, citationformats, thesaurus, abbreviations and capitalization formats. – Find Tutorials Find Tutorial is a website that offers a large number of academic tutorialsthat will help you deal with any form of academic writing. Users review everytutorial depending on its quality and you will, therefore, know the tutorialsto try. Android – Google Docs If you need a better and secure place to store all your academic materials,Google Docs will come in handy. The app allows storage of academic papers,lists, spreadsheets, calendars, and other documents. The app also allowssharing of docs with teachers and other students. That makes the entire writingprocess easier and faster. – Simplenote Simplenote allows an easier finding of tasks, ideas, and assignments. To makethe tasks easier and simple, the app helps you sync with any other device.Moreover, the app supports markdown language, which will come in handy whenaltering texts, embedding images. Most users like the tools for settingreminders and creating lists because they are good for making quick to-dolists. – Springpad If you like storing your spreadsheets, papers, calendars, and lists, theSpringpad will help you do that more effectively. It helps you save links tosearch for materials so that you can collect them later for use in youracademic writing....