Day: November 30, 2017

  • Snap announced today (Nov. 29), that it was rolling out a redesign for Snapchat that’s intended to separate users’ feeds between their friends from the brands that publish content on the app. Founder and CEO Evan Spiegel published an op-ed in Axios this morning about the direction that social media has taken over the last few years, where content from brands and influencers has been given the same weight and placement as content from friends and loved ones in users’ feeds. Spiegel also took to YouTube, for the second time in about two years, to explain how the new Snapchat works: QZ Snapchats public IPO did not go well I think they are looking for a way to distinguish their brand and boost stock prices.
  • After a months-long testing period, Google today made its Datally data usage management app for Android available to the public. Here’s a quick peek. Yes, it’s a weird name. (Google says it is pronounced as “day tally”.) The app was tested under the name Triangle in the Philippines only for about five months and released worldwide overnight with no real warning. And it’s the type of thing that should just be built-in to Android, of course: One assumes that releasing it as a standalone app now is simply a temporary measure to ensure that it can reach as many users as possible more quickly. Thurrott I think Google got so many complaints about data usage overages this made sense for them to have an app like this.
  • The Google Wifi app started life as “Google On” for OnHub, and it’s always been one of the nicer Android router clients. However, it was missing some advanced settings from non-Google routers. Today, the Wifi app is gaining some new features, including some of those advanced settings. Android Police I have not bought one of these yet but every time I go on to check on one they are always 5-star reviews.