Day: November 29, 2017

  • November 29, 2017

    How to become a Cloud Engineer?

    Introduction Before jumping right into the skills required to become a cloud engineer, let’s learn what cloud engineering is all about. Cloud computing is a process of enabling/delivering computing resources as expandable, scalable, and perfectly elastic services over the internet. Applying engineering disciplines to cloud computing is termed as cloud engineering. It is a process of designing the systems that are essential to make the maximum use of the cloud resources’ power to solve business problems. The cloud services that cloud engineering focuses on are “infrastructure as a service”, “platform as a service”, and “software as a service”. Cloud Engineer The IT professional who is responsible for any technological responsibilities that are associated with cloud computing is known as a Cloud Engineer. The technological responsibilities include maintenance and support, management, planning, and design. The cloud engineer position includes multiple roles such as cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer, cloud software engineer, cloud architect, and cloud network engineer. Each of these positions focuses on a particular kind of cloud computing instead of the entire technology. Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Engineer Cloud engineer is an evolutionary role for a new era in IT. They exhibit broad skills that go beyond any particular IT domain like storage, networking, or virtualisation. So, to succeed in the era of cloud computing, the IT professionals require a wide range of skills. One major way to acquire these skills is through cloud certifications. We will deal with them in the following section. Below here are some tips for IT professionals to gain cloud computing skills and make a lucrative cloud career. Know Cloud Computing Inside and Out The first thing an IT professional should do to become a cloud engineer is to master the major concepts of cloud computing. Start by learning the basics. Then,...
  • Your days of peeking at someone else’s text conversations on the train might be numbered.At the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Long Beach, California, next week, Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff will present a project they’re calling an electronic screen protector, where a Google Pixel phone uses its front-facing camera and eye-detecting artificial intelligence to detect whether more than one person is looking at the screen. QZ Google Photos is getting smarter and smarter its part of their AI push.
  • Windows 10’s Microsoft Photos app is set to get a major upgrade soon. As Microsoft promised back at Build, the company will be releasing a companion app for Microsoft Photos in the future. And that app is almost here. In an internal version of the Microsoft Photos app, the company now lets users import pictures from their mobile device using the Photos Companion app. The feature works over Wi-Fi, which means both your Windows 10 computer and your mobile device will need to be connected to the same network. It’s not clear whether the app will let you view photos from OneDrive on your phone, though. Thurrott Microsoft really needs a competitor for Google Photos and Apple Photos. Photos is hot topic in tech this year with iPhone X