Day: November 20, 2017

  • November 20, 2017

    Google Pixel 2 First Impression

    I have been a die-hard Apple user for over 10 years. I need a phone on both platforms (iOS and Android) for work reasons. I decided to purchase a Google Pixel 2 not the XL just the regular Pixel 2. I went with the Google Pixel 2 because the appeal of how Google is designing and handling the Pixel 2. Unlike Samsung, Nokia and Motorola Google is doing business the way Apple does things they are designing both the hardware and software which to me is a big deal as that is what has always appealed to me about Apple. Moving From iOS To Android Unlink other Android manufacturers the Googles Pixel 2 makes breaking up the iPhone very easy walking you through turning off iMessage and providing an adapter for the iPhone and a build in a wizard to move your apps, photos, videos, contacts, and messages over in a few minutes. This very much impressed me as my previous try at moving to a Samsung Phone was not a huge success. Security and Location The next thing that really impressed me about the Pixel was the fingerprint sensor it was so much more conveniently located behind the phone then using your thumb on the iPhone home button I think anyway. As I was playing with Android I noticed that the Pixel 2 has a software-based home button very much like the iPhone there is also a back button and square button for app management the equivalent of Apple home button double tap which is very Apple-like in design. Dongles Are In This Year Just like iPhone 7 and newer, there is no headphone jack and you need to use an adapter to listen to music. So again, no charging and listening without wireless headphones which is fine for...
  • When you have a device with an 18:9 aspect ratio displays, chances are you’d want to watch videos on it in all its full-screen glory. But a lot of videos, of course, use the 16:9 format so there are black bars around your screen so it can be sometimes distracting. YouTube solved this issue by allowing users to pinch-to-zoom during their last update. Unfortunately, it was only for the Pixel 2. But now, a minor update to version 12.44 has added support for the gesture to other devices as well. Android Community As great as this is I hope Google is not pushing out to many app updates too fast.  
  • Gaming-focused smartphone, the Razer Phone, is now on sale at the Microsoft Store. The handset features the world’s first 5.7 inch 2K 120 Hz screen with Ultramotion technology, which syncs the GPU signals with the screen, similar to NVidia’s gsync technology, preventing lagging or screen tearing, has 8 GB of RAM, Qualcomm 835 processor, and faster benchmarks than the Samsung Galaxy S8, is powered by a 4000 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quickcharge 4+ (which lets the phone charge to 85% in only one hour) which can offer up to 7 hours of gaming, 12.5 hours of video and 63.5 hours of music and has 64 GB of storage expandable by microSD card. MSPowerUser I think this is a good phone I have not tested it yet but I will eventually. I really like the Microsoft Launcher for Android I am sure if you buy it from the Windows Store that would be installed by default.
  • The Minecraft team had a bunch of news at their MineCon Earth convention, but the biggest news may be what’s not happening. Mojang and Microsoft have delayed the launches of both the Super Duper Graphics Pack and cross-platform Switch multiplayer to sometime in 2018. They’re not elaborating on the reasons behind the delay, but in both cases the features simply aren’t finished. More information on the graphics delay is coming “soon,” according to the creators. Engadget I am glad that Microsoft is not rushing things and not treating Mojang and Minecraft like Windows and rushing updates.