Day: November 13, 2017

  • November 13, 2017

    Office 365 Microsoft Invoicing Review

  • The big news this week in metropolitan Phoenix is that Bill Gates’ Cascade Investment purchased an $80 million stake in desert land to the west of town. Boosters are excited because powerful development interests hope to turn this 24,000 acres into 80,000 houses, pushing sprawl farther into the pristine and threatened Sonoran Desert. Unless BillG plans to turn the land into a preserve, he might want to know a few things that the locals didn’t tell him. (And to put my cards on the table, I am a fourth-generation Arizonan, former columnist for the Phoenix newspaper, and continue to write, pro bono, a blog on Arizona history and issues). Seattle Times From what I read he wants to possibly turn this into a smart city.
  • Surface Book 2 isn’t the only new Surface hardware that you can pre-order today: You can also pre-order a Surface Precision Mouse as well. It ships November 16. It’s a pricey option at $99.99. And it’s decidedly a right-handed mouse only: Lefties need not apply. But if you can stomach the price (and are a rightie) this is actually a pretty decent pointing option, unlike most of Microsoft’s previous Surface-branded mice. Thurrott I have always really liked the Microsoft keyboard and mouse I believe that was Paul Allen innovation.
  • It’s one of the holy grails of science: a cure for Alzheimer’s. Currently, there is no treatment to stop the disease, let alone slow its progression. And billionaire Bill Gates thinks he will change that. “I believe there is a solution,” he told me without hesitation. “Any type of treatment would be a huge advance from where we are today,” he said, but “the long-term goal has got to be cure.” I had the chance to sit down with Gates recently to talk about his newest initiative. He sat in front of our cameras exclusively to tell me how he hopes to find a cure to a disease that now steals the memories and other cognitive functions of 47 million people around the world. For Gates, the fight is personal. He is investing $50 million of his own money into the Dementia Discovery Fund, a private-public research partnership focused on some of the more novel ideas about what drives the brain disease, such as looking at a brain cell’s immune system. It’s the first time Gates has made a commitment to a noncommunicable disease. The work done through his foundation has focused primarily on infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria and polio. I have interviewed Gates many times over the years, in countries around the world. He was more engaged on this topic of Alzheimer’s than I’ve ever seen before. CNN So happy to see Gates doing so much good in the world.