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Office 365 Microsoft Invoicing Review

Microsoft Invoicing
Another cloud-based application being offered with Office 365 for Business with the new Business Center roll out is Microsoft Invoicing. My last post I wrote about Microsoft Bookings with is one of the last cloud-based services offered by the new Business Center in Office 365...
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Bill Gates buys Arizona land — hilarity, or tragedy, ensues

The big news this week in metropolitan Phoenix is that Bill Gates’ Cascade Investment purchased an $80 million stake in desert land to the west of town. Boosters are excited because powerful development interests hope to turn this 24,000 acres into 80,000 houses, pushing sprawl...
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You Can Now Pre-Order Surface Precision Mouse Too

Surface Book 2 isn’t the only new Surface hardware that you can pre-order today: You can also pre-order a Surface Precision Mouse as well. It ships November 16. It’s a pricey option at $99.99. And it’s decidedly a right-handed mouse only: Lefties need not apply....
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Bill Gates’ newest mission: Curing Alzheimer’s

It’s one of the holy grails of science: a cure for Alzheimer’s. Currently, there is no treatment to stop the disease, let alone slow its progression. And billionaire Bill Gates thinks he will change that. “I believe there is a solution,” he told me without...
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