Day: November 6, 2017

  • November 6, 2017

    Office 365 Microsoft Bookings Review

  • Buying a router can be a confusing process, even for long-time users. The constantly shifting shape of the market combined with a few less than helpful advertising schemes can leave users wondering – what is it that I really need, and how much of a difference is there between the different products? Wi-Fi routers run the range from hundreds of dollars to thousands, and ending up with the wrong one can leave you with wasted money, or a product which does not perform as you demand. What if you are somebody who already knows what you need, but you are unsure about what products are currently on the market? We’ll lay things out in a way that, hopefully, makes sense to you. So, what is it that you, as a user, really need to keep in mind when you purchase your next router? Here we hope to clarify a few common issues, to help you end up with a product which is right for you. Usage Before we start looking into the specifics we need to take into account the purpose of the device. Are you a larger company, looking to offer Wi-Fi to hundreds of users, or are you a single person who just wants to be able to use the internet anywhere in your house? As is typical with electronic devices – the less you demand from your router the less you will have to spend. For a single person or a couple of less demanding people, the lower end of routers will likely meet all of your requirements. This means you won’t have to break the bank in buying one of the more intimidating options out there. Don’t just run out and get one just yet though, as you will also have to keep in mind… Range...
  • Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) unveiled today, with Microsoft, the next milestone in their strategic partnership announced in September 2016. Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe’s industry-leading content management solution in Adobe Marketing Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is now integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provides universal web standards and extensibility. Available to joint customers today, the integration helps brands optimize enterprise selling and lead management. “For well over a year, engineering teams across Adobe and Microsoft have been working closely together and making available to joint customers a number of integrations that drive business value,” said Suresh Vittal, vice president, Experience Cloud Strategy at Adobe. “By empowering enterprise companies to design and connect rich content with vast amounts of data – including customer relationship management (CRM) data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Adobe and Microsoft are uniquely positioned to transform how sales and marketing organizations engage with customers.” “As our collaboration with Adobe continues to gain momentum, we offer brands the unparalleled ability to leverage Adobe’s leadership in delivering amazing customer experiences, coupled with Microsoft’s success in CRM,” said Alysa Taylor, general manager, Business Applications Group at Microsoft. “Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Adobe Experience Manager takes this a step further, bringing hyper-personalized engagement that can help drive sales.” Adobe I think this is a good move by both companies to compete in the marketing world against a dominate Facebook and Google.
  • There was a saying a few years ago that when it comes to enterprise tech, choose wisely as you will never choose again. The reason for this is that it is expensive to uproot your database and move platforms but with modern tools, the pain is now a bee sting to what used to be a shark bite. In the not-so-distant past, we have seen Microsoft offer Oracle customers ‘free’ licenses for SQL Server and now the company is taking it up a notch. Announced this week and in partnership with Attunity, the company is offering a free license of their migration tool to dramatically simplify the move away from competitor platforms to Microsoft’s on-premises and cloud solutions. The idea is quite simple, if you are running a competitors platform, using this new software, you can migrate, with little-to-no downtime (in their words, not mine), for free. It’s the last part of that sentence that is key. Petri Microsoft and Oracle have always been competing for SQL Market and now we’re throwing Amazon into the mix competition is good for the consumer.
  • Skype, the most popular video calling platform, launched a real-time code editor at to make the difficult task of switching between the interviewer’s call and the code editor more easy and allow to execute coding comfortably along with technical interviews. Now, based on feedback from the community, Microsoft has added a biggest new feature, which is add support to the Skype app for group video calls. “We’ve lifted the limitation of two participants in an interview,” the company said in a post on the Skype dev blog. “Whether you want to have peer-reviewed interviews or have all aspects of the interview in one consolidated place, it’s as simple as sending interviewers the same link.” TechWorm Skype is really doing a great job staying on top of messaging market in business world.
  • Shares of GoPro plummeted 14 percent after the action-camera maker gave a disappointing outlook despite reporting its first quarterly profit in two years. CFO Brian McGee attributed the not-so-bright outlook to the launch of the Hero6 camera, which he said cannibalized the sales of the Hero5. GoPro will need to slash prices on the Hero5, which had already struggled with production delays, to move backed-up inventory during the holiday season. GoPro stock was recently down 13.9 percent in mid-day trading, to $9.18. NY Post With so many accessories for cell phones, the digital camera business has taken a downward turn in general.