Day: September 7, 2017

  • Fitbit today came out with some additional news that might give Wall Street some signs of life as it looks to compete with an increasingly complicated fitness tracking environment — and the stock is surging this afternoon as a result. Fitbit’s shares are up more than 11 percent after it announced a partnership with Dexcom, which would introduce glucose monitoring on the Ionic Smartwatch. This somewhat nudges Fitbit beyond just fitness tracking into something that’s more in the vein of health tracking in general. Starting in 2018, the Fitbit Ionic will show users data from a Dexcom G5 mobile sensor. It’s a collaboration that’s aimed at developing and marketing products to better manage diabetes. TechCrunch I could see Fitbit being the industry leader they are way a head of everyone else in the health market space.
  • Adobe (NASD “ADBE”) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) recently delivered their first set of joint solutions to help enterprises transform their customer experience with Adobe Experience Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics. The companies are now expanding their strategic alliance to increase workforce productivity and drive more efficient business processes. Beginning today, Adobe Sign, the market-leading e-signature service in Adobe Document Cloud, is now Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution across the company’s portfolio, including the 100 million monthly commercial active users of Microsoft Office 365. In addition, Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Microsoft Office 365, is now the preferred collaboration service for Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. In addition to product integrations, Adobe will make Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud platform for Adobe Sign. Together, Adobe and Microsoft will ensure individuals and teams can efficiently collaborate, communicate and drive decision-making across devices. Adobe and Microsoft are the leaders in document and productivity software, with a rich heritage of innovating to deliver ubiquitous solutions that touch hundreds of millions of customers through integrated desktop tools, innovative mobile apps and cloud-based services. In addition to the partnership announced today, the companies will explore opportunities to continue collaborating on artificial intelligence, analytics and intelligent document automation, taking productivity in the cloud to the next level. Microsoft Great to see Microsoft and Adobe working on e-signature there are very few good products out there for this.
  • An apparent bug with Android Oreo has been discovered which means Google’s mobile operating system could be munching its way through your data allowance, even if you’re connected to a wireless network. A thread on Reddit highlighted the issue, with many people pointing out that it could prove expensive for anyone not using an unlimited data plan. Google is apparently aware of the problem and is working on a patch, but in the meantime Oreo users are being warned to consider disabling mobile data when they are at home or using a wireless connection elsewhere. BetaNews This is not the first time we have heard about users having problems with Android chewing up their data.
  • When your business has a WordPress website, it’s really easy to convert it to an Android app, thanks to plugins available today, that will do the trick. Some of these plugins are free while others require you to invest some money to get access to all their features. Here goes… Mobiloud Mobiloud is a service that allows you to create Android apps with ease and have a code built to standards. As with other services mentioned here, you can easily customize your app with your WordPress management panel. Some of the most interesting features include WordPress, Disqus and Facebook comments, support for multiple user accounts, offline access to your data and category preferences for your push notifications. You can also integrate custom HTML5 and JavaScript in your posts which are especially important if you’re constantly adding videos and other media content to your posts. Worona Worona is getting more popular at assisting in the conversion of your WordPress website continently and quickly. The key feature of the plugin is that, unlike many other plugins, it allows your users to read your posts and go through your pages even when it is currently offline. A definite +1 from me. This app isn’t free to use so it has different packages to choose from. Besides, you can choose the set of features you would like your app to have and pay for them, so you won’t be paying for something that won’t be used. They also have the push notification feature to keep your subscribers up to date by sending notifications about new posts and other updates. AppPresser AppPresser is arguably the most popular of all WordPress converter plugins that has been around for a while. It is designed for both the developers and those who don’t know much about mobile app...