Day: August 18, 2017

  • Sign in to supported websites with accounts on Windows 10 Use this extension to sign in to supported websites with accounts on Windows 10. If you have a Microsoft supported identity on Windows 10, you won’t be required to enter your credentials to sign in to supported websites. You’ll need to use this extension if your organization has implemented conditional access policy. Currently, this extension supports Azure Active Directory identities. Google Microsoft again showing their willingness to change and adapt with the times but making chrome web store apps.
  • Cohen rebuts the common belief that YouTube pays less than Spotify or Pandora, saying that his service pays more than $3 per thousand streams in the US, “more than other ad supported services.” Cohen, who has been trying to patch things up between YouTube and the music industry, believes that songwriters and artists need to know what they’re making. “It’s not enough for YouTube to say that it’s paid over $1 billion to the industry from ads,” he writes. “We (the labels, publishers and YouTube) must shine a light on artist royalties, show them how much they make from ads compared to subscriptions by geography and see how high their revenue is in the U.S. and compared to other services.” Engadget I have never been a huge fan of YouTube Music but glad to see they are paying hardworking artists well.
  • It’s now just under two years since we released the Jessie version of Raspbian. Those of you who know that Debian run their releases on a two-year cycle will therefore have been wondering when we might be releasing the next version, codenamed Stretch. Well, wonder no longer – Raspbian Stretch is available for download today! The differences between Jessie and Stretch are mostly under-the-hood optimisations, and you really shouldn’t notice any differences in day-to-day use of the desktop and applications. (If you’re really interested, the technical details are in the Debian release notes here.) However, we’ve made a few small changes to our image that are worth mentioning. raspberrypi Being a big Ubuntu and Debian fan I am glad this has finally happened.