Day: August 17, 2017

  • August 17, 2017

    OneNote for Windows 10 Gets Update

  • Amazon today announced a new program to bring revenue to developers of Alexa skills based on how much engagement their voice app is able to generate among users of Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon appears to be the first of the major tech companies with AI assistants and third-party integrations — like Google, Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft — with a program to compensate developers based on engagement created by their voice app. Venture Beat Great idea by Amazon to spark innovation with Alexa and the Amazon Echo.
  • Getting people on the same page for a project can be tough. It requires managing a ton of opinions and suggestions. The last thing you should have to worry about is making sure your team is literally working on the same document. That’s why we built our powerful real-time editing tools to help with this—Google Docs, Sheets and Slides—so that teams can work together at the same time, using the most up-to-date version. Today, we’re introducing new updates to better help with “version control,” to customize tools for your workflows, and to help teams locate information when they need it. Google Google is really push collaboration very hard I think to compete against Office 365.
  • Some more bad news for the Galaxy Note line: just over 10,000 batteries for the Galaxy Note 4 are being recalled for risk of overheating that could lead to burns or fires. This recall is a lot different than last year’s Note 7 fiasco. While that one affected every single phone and happened because of a design flaw, this one is far more limited and doesn’t even seem to be Samsung’s fault. Only phones refurbished through AT&T’s insurance program and handled by FedEx Supply Chain are impacted by the recall. Some of the refurbished phones apparently ended up with “counterfeit” batteries that include anomalies that could make them overheat. The Verge I am very glad to see them putting customer safety first but this does still not look good for the company after the recall issues on Note 7.
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