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My Top 5 Podcasts of 2017

For me, podcasts have completely replaced talk radio for the most part and I like talk radio. I have been reviewing my Top Podcasts on this site every year for a few years I like to see how my interests change from year to year....
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My Top Podcasts of 2016

So now that the holidays are over we have all gotten back into our regular routine again. The kids are back to school and you are commuting to work. One of the things that helps me through all my travels, business or pleasure is podcasts. There...
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BLS – TV Line Up

Today on the show Brandon digs into his podcast listening schedule and how and why he listens to them. Brandon gets into his tv line up and the shows he watches all week long. Brandon dives into some personal stories about his weekend. Brandon gives...
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TTG 43 – Interview With Robert From Ready Made Resources

The Technology Geek – Episode 43 Robert from http://readymaderesources.com joined us today on the podcast he spoke about homesteading for 18 years. We spoke about planting and gardening. Using different types of gardening and dealing with predators. We discussed Ham Radio and backup communications. We...
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TTG 41 – Situational Awareness

The Technology Geek – Episode 41 Today in this podcast we discuss ARES/RACES and situational awareness. Being prepared for situations even if they are not life threatening. Understanding and knowing your surroundings and tips for situational awareness. We give you tips on situational awareness, discuss...
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TTG 40 – Elenco Variable Voltage Power Supply Kits

The Technology Geek – Episode 40 Today in this podcast we discuss Elenco Variable Voltage Power Supply Kits. The Elenco Variable Voltage Power Supply Kit is a decent practical starter kit and is overall good quality. This is more than just a “Insert Part A in location...
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TTG 39 – SOL Republic HeadPhones

The Technology Geek – Episode 39 Today in this podcast we discuss SOL Republic HeadPhones. SOL Republic, is hoping to change that with a line of headphones that deliver very good sound and durability for a more affordable price. The company is positioning itself as...
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TTG 38 – Bob Heil

The Technology Geek – Episode 38 Today in this podcast we discuss our conversation with the great Bob Heil as he talks audio quality in music and ham radio. Bob mentions the way we hear out of our ears and microphone quality and development. Bob...
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TTG 37 – Microsoft buys Minecraft

The Technology Geek – Episode 37 Today in this podcast we discuss Larry Ellison leaving Oracle. We talk about iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6.Microsoft buys Minecraft. FCC turns down petition to create a 4 meter band in the US and ARRL Simulated Emergency Test set...
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TTG 36 – Office 365

The Technology Geek – Episode 36 Today in this podcast we discuss and review Office 365 and talk about lots of security news. We talk about the technology news of the week and answer your questions. Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…...
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