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I want to say thank you to all the reader who have supported me since 2009. The Technology Geek has been a huge part of my life and my passion for writing, reading and podcasting. We are now offering a Premium Membership to help the site continue to grow and evolve. I am still going to offer plenty of free content but this will allow me to offer something even more to those who want to support the site and be a part of a bigger community of geeks. I want to thank all of you for your continued support as The Technology Geek continues to move on into 2017 and beyond.

As part of The Technology Geek Premium Membership you will gain access to content and benefits exclusive to our supporting members. Joining Premium (homebrew computer club helped Woz you never know what you will learn from us LOL) it’s a low cost way to support the work we do here at The Technology Geek.

The primary function of the Premium Membership is to give listeners a way to support the site and keep it growing and improving. We worked hard to create exclusive content and continue to do so, we reached out to sponsors, authors and other members and have put together a group of benefits that currently has a great value all of it is available when you become a member.

I want to remind you what you get by becoming a member is exclusive to vendors Here is the list


Survival Straps   http://survivalstraps.com/ (25% all orders)

MURS Radio       http://murs-radio.com/ (5% all orders)

Proxpn                 http://proxpn.com (30% off purchases including lifetime membership)

ManGrate           http://mangrate.com (30% off all orders 4th mangrate free)

Direct21               http://www.directive21.com (5% off anything on the site)

Ready Made Resources                https://readymaderesources.com

ITPro TV               http://itpro.tv (30% monthly or annual subscriptions)

AlertUSA             http://alertsusa.com/thetechnologygeek.html ($30 discount off the regular subscription price)

Preformance Audio – http://www.performanceaudio.com ($5 off $100 purchase)

Primal Power Method – http://www.primalpowermethod.com (5% off purchases)

Safe Castle – http://www.safecastle.com (Buyers Club membership (retail value $49) for free.

Val Riazanov Martial Arts – http://valriazanov.com (5% Off All Purchases)

Paladin Press – http://paladin-press.com (15% off All Purchases)

ShutterStock – http://www.shutterstock.com (member only Coupon)

The Ready Store – http://www.thereadystore.com/ (20% Off)

Pretty Load – http://prettyloaded.org – (10% Off)

Serenas Nursery – http://serenasnursery.com (Free Shipping All Orders)

Iron Edison Battery Company – http://ironedison.com (5% Off Purchases)

Lets not forget about the added benefits of

  • Digital Copy Of My Book The Pangram Killer
  • Access To All Short Stories
  • Free Plug On Podcast
  • Get first notice and exclusive access to events and meetups




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  • Digital Copy Of My Book The Pangram Killer
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  • Get first notice and exclusive access to events and meetups

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