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Microsoft announced their new Outlook.com Beta today and it looks like a real competitor for Google Gmail. Microsoft said in their blog post “Today, we’re launching the Outlook.com beta, an opt-in web experience where you can try out new product innovations and let us know what you think. Recent advances in programming, design, and artificial intelligence have enabled our engineers and designers to improve the Outlook.com web experience in several areas—and we’re eager to get your feedback.”

Microsoft went on to announce new features

Fast Experience – Microsoft is implementing a faster more responsive web development platform and framework. The updated framework will allow for better search experience and better new design for photo viewing and file attachment. Microsoft has added a modern conversation style for a better reading experience.

Inbox Suggestions – Microsoft says your inbox will be smarter with the addition of its new feature offering Quick Suggestions as you type. The new feature will offer information about restaurants, flights, or your favorite teams’ schedules to your conversations all while typing. Microsoft has added an improved photo experience puts all the in your email into one place.

Personalization Inbox – You can personalize your inbox with your favorite contacts and folders making communications more personal with the addition of expressions, including popular emoji’s and GIFs native to Outlook.

To get started just click the Try the beta toggle when you log in to Outlook.com. Microsoft is rolling out the beta to all users if you don’t see the toggle to enroll in the data just be patient as it will take some time to reach all users.

This is the second time Microsoft has done a major design change to Outlook.com. Microsoft is showing a major foot forward with Outlook.com hoping to entice more users to switch to Outlook.com Premium.




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