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In today’s society, every single aspect of our life is closely intertwined with the rest of it. Every action we take will have direct consequences on our lifestyle. Considering the global economic disaster that has occurred a couple of years ago, but still holds a huge influence on the market, it’s even more important to be fully aware of the impact your actions have on everything you know.

With so many people living on the brink of existence, not living life but instead surviving it, every single penny saved is of great importance. However, it’s not like that kind of knowledge simply sits around and waits for it to be picked up. On the contrary, some of the following tips are direct knowledge coming from experts, people you would usually hire to do the job for you.

Generally speaking, the best way to save money is to educate yourself on the matter in question and to look for long-term benefits. Sometimes, an investment that seems out-of-place may be the very straw you will use to gain financial stability. DIY projects, green living options, minimalism, tiny houses. Those are all things that sound rather inconvenient, but the amount of money you could save by simply utilizing a few of the following tips is sure to turn your head around.

First of all, green roofing options are becoming more and more popular in the recent history, with many variations created to better suit the needs of every individual American. Green roofing systems are specially designed roofs that support plant-life. They are costly, but they are well-worth it. By simply applying logic to the matter, you will see that by adding that huge amount of mass, you will further isolate your home. That means you will save money on your energy bills because your plant roof will add warmth during the winter, and reduce heat in the summertime. Actually, it’s expected you will save up to 1/3 off of your annual energy bills.

Other green options that can save you money are not that well-known actually. If you’re a gardener, and well, even if you’re not, don’t throw away your food scraps. Instead, turn your yard debris and food scraps into compost which you can later use for your gardening. It’s true that you don’t actually go around buying bags of fertilizer every day, but we’re talking about long-term benefits here.

Furthermore, when choosing the type of roof you want for your home, don’t go big and flashy. Instead, try using recycled roof tiles, such as reclaimed clay or stone tiles. They will further insulate your home and aren’t nearly as costly as the other types.

Also, replace your old lighting with low-energy lighting. You will notice the difference on your first electricity bill, and the amount of lighting will stay the same.

When choosing appliances for your home, choose within the energy-efficient category. You can go even further than that by triple glazing your windows, which will contain even more heat within your home and lower your energy bills even further.

Recycling water may sound odd, but we’re not talking about recycling your sewage waters here. In addition to collecting rainwater, you can choose to recycle your bath and sink water. Top it off with a good recycling system and you’re good to go. The difference in your financial status after applying these tips will be tremendous.

Another great way to save money is to avoid calling contractors for every single thing that needs repairing. Some things don’t require an expert’s attention. Fixing small problems like cracked shingles, broken windows and broken doors is something you can do on your own.

Furthermore, there is always this need to replace something that is well past its due date. Front doors are usually the first to go, and the last thing people think of. When choosing the perfect model for your front door, go with steel. You don’t need to call a professional to handle that task, simply get accustomed to the way your door works and with all of its knicks and knacks. That way you can save up to 75% of your money, as opposed to calling a contractor.

When people think of replacing their wood flooring, they don’t stop for even a second to think if they could do the job themselves. The job is intensive, but there’s not much to learn here. The techniques used in this project are fairly simple to master. If that doesn’t sound appealing, maybe a 91% savings will!

Simple things like hanging a laundry line instead of buying a dryer for your clothes prove how much we’re accustomed to luxury. By removing the things we don’t need, we are giving way for new, fun things to come. By becoming aware of our habits, we can change them.

If you’re seeking easy ways to save money, look at your daily routine. Observe it as an innocent bystander and search for the things which aren’t necessary. Take control and make your life yours again.




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