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Some Apt Precautions need to be taken while shopping online

shopping online
While commuting through the Internet including mobile devices like smart phones and other gadgets will be protected. Cybercriminals and scammers can target the shoppers too. Although it is the latest trend everyone should be alert even for emails that will get anyone to act quickly...
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How to Know If Your SMB Is Cyber Secure

Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) like to prepare for business downturns and other contingencies that can affect their profits. Where the cost justifies the benefits in view of the assessed risks, they can procure insurance to ward off losses associated with the worst of...
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Tracking Phone Location for Safety and Security

Being a kid has changed over the years, kids now a day are always connected to their parents, friends and the internet which are wonderful things at times. It’s wonderful for kids to have access to look up information at the touch of a button...
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6 Simple But Useful Tips for VPN Speed Booster

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a device which connects the server of your choice by encrypting data. It is mainly used for the security reasons when privacy is the main concern and accessing data which is geo-restricted. In order to provide the extra level...
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10 Best security apps for Android

Nowadays, with the increase in the activities like theft, cyber-hacking, and even phishing are taking place on a larger level. Recently, a Ransomware affected several PCs all over the world. Here’s where the security concerns arise. How safe our Android phones are when it comes...
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Microsoft BitLocker Securing Your Hard Drive

BitLocker is a disk encryption tool feature in Windows 7 and newer versions of Microsoft Windows. BitLocker Drive Encryption is available on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise with the release of the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Windows 7 offers Bitlocker on Enterprise...
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