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Microsoft has added the one of the most highly request feature Microsoft states in a recent blog post “You now have the ability to add and edit contacts right from Outlook on iOS and Android. We’ve also completely redesigned the contact card to show more details—including latest conversations and shared files—and enabled easier calling and messaging with your contacts.”

Microsoft makes sure to say you can now add and edit contacts for Outlook.com and Office 365 accounts support for Google contacts coming soon. Any changes made in Outlook for iOS and Android will be synced and available across all versions of Outlook.

You can add a new contact by going into the People tab or add a new contact directly from a message or by tapping the name of a person and then tapping Add Contact in an event. You can edit contact information by opening the contact and tapping the Edit button.

The contact card has been redesigned adding Phone Number, Email Address, Skype name, and Facetime Contact ID. The new contact card now displays your recent conversations, shared attachments and any upcoming meetings. Microsoft has also added the ability to save contacts locally on your device.

Microsoft did make mention to one issue they have “On iOS, Outlook provides a one-way push of contact information from Outlook to your phone. All newly added contacts and changes should be made in the Outlook app, and these changes will sync to your built-in Contacts app and your email service. However, edits made in the Contacts app will not sync back to Outlook or your email service, and will be overwritten the next time Outlook syncs to the Contacts app.” Outlook Team went on to say “On Android, Outlook is able to fully synchronize with the Contacts app.”

I am glad to see Microsoft pushing out features and updates to Outlook on iOS and Android it’s my favorite mail app.




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