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The World Is On Your Palm Now, Go Mobile

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With the change of technology in the recent times, people are transferring their priorities towards the mobile space all over the world. Every web application store is now filled with hundreds and thousands of applications that have so many innovative features and properties. The presence...
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Top In-Demand Skills For Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is certainly one of the factors that have been running the business organizations for the past few years. With new and advanced technology being available, there has been a great impact on it on the IT industry. Several sectors such as data analysis,...
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Netflix Is Hiking Up Its Rates for November

Netflix has raised the rates on two of their subscription plans, with the new rates going into effect for November. The Standard two-screens streaming plan will now cost $10.99 a month (up from $9.99), while the Premium 4-screen plan (plus Ultra HD) will now cost...
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Alexa, meet Sonos

What’s the easiest way to fill your home with music? Just ask Alexa. We’re partnering with Amazon to bring the Alexa voice assistant to Sonos speakers in homes around the world. Connect Alexa to any Sonos speaker. Starting today in open beta in the US,...
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google pixel The World Is On Your Palm Now, Go Mobile
security lock Top In-Demand Skills For Cloud Computing

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